Porpoises Birds Seahorses Rats And French Bulldogs

Hurst: Hi Carol, what new in the news?

Carol: Hi Hurst, we’ve actually got two stories about rats this week!

Hurst: Whoa, that’s pretty ratical.

Carol: That was bad, even for you.  Now, let’s get to the headlines…

Hurst: Wait, before you go, I wish you a Happy World Lizard Day tomorrow (August 14), a fulfilling International Homeless Animals Day on the 18th, and of course a jolly World Orangutan Day on August 19!

Can this vegan seafood company become the next Impossible Burger? from Fast Company

Tickling Rats for Improved Captive Welfare from Faunalytics

In France, Even the Rats Have Rights from The Wall Street Journal

New Report Reveals 100,000+ Dolphins, Small Whales, And Porpoises Are Slaughtered Each Year Worldwide from World Animal News

California’s Birds Are Testing New Survival Tactics on a Vast Scale from the New York Times

This Colorful New Seahorse Is the Size of a Grain of Rice from National Geographic

French theme park deploys birds to collect litter from BBC News

A French Bulldog-Themed Pop Up Cafe In The UK Is So Cute That It Will Break Your Instagram Feed from Bustle

Photo credit: AnimalsTown

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