Horses Elephants Martens Black Widows and Nutria

Carol: Hi Hurst, I hope you’ve had a great week!  I’ve had lots of Creature Feature fans send us stories to include this week. Especially our friend of Creature Feature John Delconte!

Hurst: I knew we could count on him! And of course we encourage all of our readers to send us any animal stories that they find interesting. Anyways, let’s get to this week’s animal news!

Cancer Is One Worry Elephants Can Feel Free to Forget from Smithsonian

With no-fishing zones, Mexican fishermen restored the marine ecosystem
from PRI’s The World

Why oat milk is the new ‘it’ milk alternative (sorry, soy and almond) from USA Today

Toward a relational understanding of leisure social worlds, involvement, psychological commitment, and behavioral loyalty from The Washington Post

California v nutria: state seeks to eradicate scourge of giant rodents from The Guardian

Earth has more trees now than 35 years ago from Mongabay

Black Widow Spiders Bring Their Venom to Canada As Planet Warms from LiveScience

Pine marten spotted in Kielder forest for first time in 90 years from The Guardian

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