Alligators Horses Fish Goats Armadillos Dolphins Black-necked Cranes and Animal Crackers

Carol: Holy Smokes, Hurst.  We’ve got so many news links to share, there’s no time for banter.  Let’s get reading!

Hurst: You are so right.  Happy late Hummingbird Day (September 1), Carol!  Don’t forget to celebrate National Iguana Awareness Day on the 8th!

Helping solve the wildest crimes from The Washington Post (thank you to John Delconte who sent this one)

Billions of farm animals deserve a day of rest too — keep them off the grill and off your table on Labor Day from the L.A. Times

What’s Meat, Anyway? Missouri Label Law Says It Comes From An Animal; Some Disagree from NPR (thank you to John Delconte who sent this one)

Mr. Stubbs the Tailless Alligator Isn’t Stubby Anymore from National Geographic [short video]

Wild Horses Can Handle Hurricanes. What About Climate Change? from The Guardian (thank you to Laura England who sent this one)

For India’s black-necked cranes, dogs are a major threat from Mongabay News

Utah Wildlife Officials Airdrop Thousands of Fish into a Lake from Live Science

Will protecting half the Earth save biodiversity? Depends which half from Mongabay News

Colombia May Become The 1st Country In Latin America To Ban Cosmetics Testing On Animals from World Animal News

Aspen is making a comeback in and around Yellowstone National Park, because of predators from Science Daily

Paw outcome? New Zealand council proposes banning all cats from The Guardian

Brest frisky dolphin sparks French swimming ban from BBC

Goats drawn to happy human faces from BBC

Armadillos Can Pose a Leprosy Threat – Even in the U.S. from U.S. News

In a Victory for PETA, Animal Crackers Roam Free from the New York Times

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