Parrots, Helmeted Hornbills, Sharks, and Red Pandas

Carol: Hi Hurst!  In case you aren’t sure how to celebrate International Red Panda Day coming up on September 15, I wanted to share this link to the Red Panda Network.  They’ve got lots of ideas, not to mention adorable pics of red pandas.

Hurst: Nice find! Looking ahead for the month, I’ve also shared some other animal days below, along with links to some organizations that can help honor these particular animals.  September 22 is a busy day,

Carol: I’m all about planning my animal celebrations; thanks for doing that.  Now, for this week’s news, there is a lot of focus on birds, but shark fans aren’t left out.  I think I might like the fur free piece the best. Hope you have a good week, Hurst!

Hurst: You too and happy Farm Animals Awareness Week!

Poached for Its Horn, This Rare Bird Struggles to Survive from National Geographic

8 species of birds have possibly gone extinct over past few decades from Mongabay

And a related story…

Blue macaw parrot that inspired “Rio” is now officially extinct in the wild from CBS News

London Fashion Week Makes History By Going Fur-Free This Year from World Animal News

Traffic noise may make birds age faster from Science Daily

First known omnivorous shark species identified from The Guardian

For more upcoming animal holidays…

9/14 – 9/20  National Farm Animals Awareness Week

9/20  Puppy Mill Awareness Day

9/21 – 9/27  National Dog Week/ Adopt a Less Adoptable Companion Animal Week/ National Deaf Dog Awareness Week

9/21 – 9/27  Sea Otter Awareness Week

9/22  Elephant Appreciation Day

9/22  World Rhino Day

9/23  Dogs in Politics Day

9/24  National Bluebird of Happiness Day

9/27  Save the Koala Day

9/28  Fish Amnesty Day – here is a video about fish from “What a Fish Knows” author Jonathan Balcombe

9/28  International Rabbit Day

9/28  World Rabies Day

9/29  Save the Geese Day


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