Foxes Mussels Whales Cats and Designer Pets

Hurst: Hi there Carol! I’m interested to see what sort of animal news has caught your attention this week. I found the article about cell-grown meat to be some welcome optimism about the meat industry.

Carol: I agree, it was quite the ray of sunshine during this rainy week. And speaking of rain, make sure you check out what you can do to keep your pets safe during this hurricane season. It is important to include your furry friends in your crisis plan!

Hurst: Nice transition. Stay safe and I will see you next week!

These domesticated foxes were 60 years in the making from The Verge

Scotland To Effectively ‘Outlaw’ Breeding Of ‘Designer’ Cats, Dogs And Rabbits from LADbible

Attitudes Toward Farmed Animals In The BRIC Countries from Faunalytics

The End of Animal Farming Is Not An Impossible Dream from The Progressive

See the Amazing, Ethereal Creatures Living Under Arctic Ice from National Geographic

WAN Breaks Down Everything You Need To Know About The Animal Rescues On The Ground As Hurricane Florence Threatens The Carolinas from World Animal News

Global warming pushing alpine species higher and higher from Science Daily

Japan’s attempt to overturn commercial whaling ban fails from The Guardian

Project seeks to help boost rare pearl mussel numbers from BBC News

As Animal-Assisted Therapy Thrives, Enter the Cats from The New York Times

Notes: Shout out to Katie Armstrong, John Delconte, and DawnWatch for these stories!

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