Fish, Vicuña, Wasps, Lobsters and Mantises

Carol: Hey Hurst!  Do you know what today is?

Hurst: It’s not International Rhino Day – that was yesterday.  

Carol: Well, you are getting warm…my parents made a donation to the International Rhino Foundation yesterday in honor of my….?

Hurst: Scaly skin and the big horn on your face…?

Carol: Ouch. It was actually in honor of my birthday, and for the record I moisturize daily.  


Praying Mantis That Catches Fish Is a Guppy’s Worst Nightmare from LiveScience

Why do we love bees but hate wasps? from Science Daily

Light pollution makes fish more courageous from Science Daily

Maine investigates restaurant that gave lobsters marijuana from The Guardian

Beyond hangry: Tetchy Canadian vegans mystified by A&W’s disappearing Beyond Meat burgers from National Post

How a national reserve stopped the extinction of the Peruvian vicuña from Mongabay

Machine Learning Could Make Animal Tests Obsolete from Faunalytics

Challenging Fish Sentience Denial With Science from Faunalytics

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