Rhinos Lemurs Cows Fish Lions and Disney Service Dogs

Carol: Hi Hurst!  I missed doing Creature Feature last week!  I feel so…uninformed.

Hurst: Me too. But I’m glad we took time to celebrate International Raccoon Appreciation Day and World Vegetarian Day (October 1), World Farm Animal Day (October 2), and the kick off to Bat Appreciation Month!

Carol: Yeah, and don’t forget about National Veterinary Tech Appreciation Week coming up the third week of October.  By the way, you have to check out the photo of the African bat… she’s the cutest weirdest animal I think I’ve ever seen….

Hurst: Well, I better get reading…

The Great Rhino U-Turn by Mongabay

This Artist Reimagined Disney Princesses With Service Dogs And It’s Totally Heartwarming from Buzzfeed

Why Tyson is Participating it its own Disruption by Good Food Institute   

Lemurs Provide Clues About How Fruit Scents Evolved by NPR

How an African bat might help us prevent future Ebola outbreaks by Mongabay

Escape From New York: Slaughterhouse Refugees Have a Country Place by Wall Street Journal

Agreement bans commercial fishing across much of the Arctic, for now by Mongabay

Recent Polls Show A Decline In Younger Travelers Visiting Attractions That Exploit Animals; Instead They Choose Eco-Tourism  by World Animal News

More mammals than expected live near people by Science Daily

Rare Colorado Fish Pulled Back From Extinction by U.S. News

Jogger in Netherlands finds lion cub by BBC News

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