Insects Chickens Penguins Elephants Water-spitting Fish and Veggie Vacations

Hurst: Hi there Carol, I hope you’re ready for a big week of animal news! My favorite this week is the story about the Sphen and Magic, a same- sex penguin couple that are raising an egg in captivity. Their couple name is Sphengic.

Carol: Hmmm that is an interesting name combo. Maybe we should try combining our names like that from now on, you know so we have more characters to use in our tweets.

Hurst: Well our options are Harol or Curst.

Carol: Uhh, let’s keep workshopping it.

Meet Sphen and Magic, the Same-Sex Penguin Couple Raising an Egg in Captivity from Live Science

Water-spitting fish can identify and remember human faces from National Geographic

No More Rides: Vietnam’s 1st Ethical Elephant Tours Are Proving To Be A Hit With Tourists & The Animals from World Animal News

Study: Dogs Have Some Understanding of Language from U.S. News

Lost limb? No problem. How animals thrive with three legs from National Geographic

2018’s Best Cities for Vegans & Vegetarians by Wallet Hub

USDA’s enforcement of animal welfare laws plummeted in 2018, agency figures show by The Washington Post

Dr. Sylvia Earle joined GFI Senior Scientist Dr. Liz Specht at the Good Food Conference for some real talk about why our oceans are so overfished and underloved and what we can do about it by the Good Food Institute

Hyperalarming’ study shows massive insect loss by The Washington Post

Meet the ‘Art Rangers’ Trying to Save National Parks by National Geographic

Trump team makes controversial change to allow chicken plants to operate at faster speeds by The Washington Post

Domestic Violence And Animal Abuse: An Overview from Faunalytics

Thank you to John Delconte, Nancy McGehee, and DawnWatch for sharing some of these articles.  Photo by Mister Starman on Unsplash.

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