Cows Dogs Dolphins Crows Crocodiles and Burros

Carol: Happy Halloween, Hurst

Hurst: Happy Halloween!  I was wondering, where do you come down on dressing up pets for Halloween?

Carol: Well, it’s a mixture of being impressed by the more creative costumes and feeling pity for the pets.  Maybe there are pets out there that like the attention?

Hurst: Of course, what dog or cat wouldn’t want to be Lady Gaga for a day…?

Carol: Moving on, our readers will be pleased to know we have no pumpkin spice or Halloween stories this week!

Quaker Bets Oat Milk Is More Than Just a Passing Fad by NYT

Dog Coat Color Predicts Lifespan in Study on a Beloved Breed by Inverse

US moves to keep endangered species discussions secret by The Guardian

Whales and dolphins change the way they communicate in a noisy ocean by Mongabay

New Caledonian crows can create compound tools by Science Daily

New crocodile species found hiding in plain sight by National Geographic

Traces of Earth’s Oldest Animals Possibly Found by Live Science

Love those heehaws and snorts, but Death Valley aims to become a ‘no-burro zone’ by LA Times

Photo credit by Annie Kaminova on Unsplash

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