Salamanders Dogs Aquatic Animals and First Birthdays

Hurst: Happy birthday, Carol!

Carol: I’m afraid you’re a bit late on that one. But I appreciate the sentiment..and I would appreciate a belated cake even more.

Hurst: That’s not what I meant. Creature Feature has been spreading fascinating animal news to the public for one year!

Carol: And what a year it has been. It is so interesting to look back at our first edition of Creature Feature and see how much we have changed. Thanks to everyone that has stuck with us and shared Creature Feature with others; we appreciate you all!  

WWF’s 2018 Living Planet Report released by WWF

The Growing Acceptance Of Veganism by Forbes

Ruff Jobs: 15 Brewery Employees That Happen to Be Dogs by VinePair

Plant-based or vegan diet may be best for keeping type 2 diabetes in check by Science News

Aquatic Animal Welfare: Exploring The Scientific Basis by Faunalytics

Why men think eating meat makes them manly by The Week

Will trade bans stop a deadly salamander plague from invading the US? by Mongabay

Killing Games movie continues to be screened across the country by Project Coyote

Protect the last of the wild by Nature and Scientists Warn That World’s Wilderness Areas Are Disappearing by NYT

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