Cats Greyhounds Tarantulas Ducks and Octopus Babies

Carol: Hi Hurst!  Did you have a big week celebrating the one year anniversary of Creature Feature News?

Hurst: I did! I took the whole week off of work and class to observe the holiday!

Carol: Well that seems like a bit much but I admire your commitment. I think I may do something similar and take the whole month of November off for Manatee Awareness month.

Hurst: It’s the most wonderful time of the year…Manatee Awareness month.

This Petite Cat Is the World’s Deadliest. Mini-Series ‘Super Cats’ Shows You Why from The

Five ways to encourage people to reduce their meat intake – without them even realising from The Conversation

The science of the sniff: Why dogs are great disease detectors from Wired

Lara Trump, in the spotlight, advocates for greyhound racing ban from The Palm Beach Post

A Final Proving Ground for Guide Dogs to the Blind: Midtown Manhattan from The New York Times

The illegal market for tarantulas is hairy business from National Geographic

‘Male’ Octopus Hatches 10,000 Teensy Babies in Surprise Birth by Live Science

Mystery of the ‘bird from Atlantis’ solved by Science Daily

Mandarin mania: how a ‘hot duck’ enraptured New York City by The Guardian

Animal Populations Have Declined By 60 Percent Since 1970 by U.S. News

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