Dogs Bats Tigers Sloths Komodo Dragons and Palm Oil

Carol: Hey there, Hurst! I have joke for you.

Hurst: Carol it’s too early for one of your jokes, and its 6pm.

Carol: Ouch. Okay so, Why did the tiger lose at poker?

Hurst: I don’t know it probably depends on his skill level at poker.

Carol: Because he was playing with a cheetah!

Hurst: Ah yes, of course. Sigh.  Onto this week’s animal news, there is plenty to cover.

Dogs know when they don’t know from Science Daily

Sloth retirement home set up in Pembrokeshire from BBC News

How to Keep Your Pets Safe During the Holidays from The New York Times

Pirates are killing Bengal tigers from National Geographic

Palm oil was supposed to help save the planet. Instead it unleashed a catastrophe from NYT

Only ‘deep pockets’ allowed: Indonesia authorities to raise Komodo National Park entrance fee by 50 times to US$500 from The Straits Times

Endangered Species Mural Project by Center for Biological Diversity

There’s a bat apocalypse unfolding. Can science stop it? By Nat Geo

Want To Slow Down Climate Change? Plant A Tree from WBUR News

And bonus interactive map….. Welcome to the US Carbon Mapper

Photo credit: Ratanjot Singh from Unsplash

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