Vaquitas Giraffes Cows Frogs Albatross Manta Rays and Making Fun of Kooky Vegans

Carol:  Hi Hurst!  So a big story in animal land this week is about PETA who put out a recommended list of non-violent idioms to use in place of some commonplace phrases that involve harming animals…you know, like “beating a dead horse” and “more than one way to skin a cat.”  I’ve always hated those phrases because of the images they conjure in your mind.

Hurst: Yeah, I know what you mean.  But, substituting those old phrases for newer, nicer ones sounds like a good idea.  Why was it such a big news item?

Carol: Well, some people thought it was silly, others felt there were bigger animal advocacy battles to fight, and some just felt it was yet another kooky animal rights stunt.  So, we’re leading this week’s news links with an excellent op-ed piece written by Summer Anne Burton from Buzzfeed. Shout out to DawnWatch for putting it on many people’s radar.  

Hurst: Cool, I can’t wait to dive into it. I can see how that type of article could open a can of wor…I mean beans.  You really took the flower by the thorns, this week didn’t you?

Carol:  Yes, that’s it!  We have so many interesting, odd, and heartwarming news stories this week.  Did you hear about the eels that get stuck up the nose of monk seals?

Hurst:  Ouch. That doesn’t sound comfortable at all.  Well, I have to run but don’t forget to celebrate National Day of the Horse on December 13 and Monkey Day on the 14th!  

PETA Is Right And All Of You Need To Stop Revving A Dead Porsche from Buzzfeed

Appeals Court Upholds Seafood Ban Meant To Protect Endangered Porpoise from Fronteras

The Riddle of the Roaming Plastics from Hakai Magazine

Cows can be pessimistic and it affects their ability to cope with stress: study from National Post

Despite the devastation all around him, Camp fire dog waited for his owners to return home from the L.A. Times

Climate Change Is Making Sharks Right-Handed from Live Science

Watch the Captivating Courtship Dance of Manta Rays from Hakai Magazine

City Frogs Are the Sexiest Frogs from The Atlantic

Endangered Hawaiian monk seals face new challenge: eels stuck up their noses from The Guardian

Wisdom The Albatross, World’s Oldest Wild Bird, Lays Another Egg from NPR

These spiders feed their leftovers to carnivorous plants from National Geographic

Why so many people are becoming allergic to meat from CNN

Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of Giraffes from The Center for Biological Diversity

Photo credit: Darko Pribeg on Unsplash

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