Bison Birds Bees Orcas Turtles Elephants and Pet Retirement

Carol: So I heard that you have had an eventful week!  

Hurst: I certainly did!  Did you see that study about the elephant that eats cereal? I think that is enough to make anyone’s week eventful.

Carol: I meant that you graduated from college, but the elephant/cereal study is important too.  Also as I was gathering news for this week I noticed we are starting to see some year end lists. We want to hear from our readers, what were your favorite animal stories from 2018?

Watch an Elephant Named Kelly Scoop Cereal Into Her Mouth in Easily the Best Study of 2018 from Live Science

Congress approves bill allowing the killing of sea lions… to protect salmon from NBC News

More ‘heatwave’ summers will affect animals from Science Daily

‘Extinction is not an option’: the $1bn push to save orcas in Washington from The Guardian

7 ways wildlife won in 2018 from National Geographic

Shrinking of Utah National Monument May Threaten 660 Bee Species from Smithsonian

How Native American tribes are bringing back the bison from brink of extinction from The Guardian

Pet Retirement Home Rescues Dogs In Their Golden Years from The Guardian

The farm bill could do more for animals than any legislation in recent history [OpEd] from The Washington Post

Consumers Are Not Confused By Plant-Based Milks from Faunalytics

Birds on Broadway: A Q&A with the Audubon Mural Project’s Avi Gitler from Mongabay

See the best animal photos of 2018 from National Geographic

Audio: The true story of how 96 critically endangered sea turtle hatchlings survived New York City from Mongabay

Shout out to Beth Wilson for sending us stories this week!

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