Marine Iguanas Elephants Finches Wildcats Wolves and the Aquarium Trade

Hurst: Hi Carol!  It sure has been a big news week for Creature Feature! Animals are gradually obtaining legal rights and fake meat is on the rise!

Carol: Not to mention the story about no-kill eggs. I don’t think the average person knows about the dark side of the egg industry for male chicks, so that piece is definitely worth highlighting. And I’m sure you found the article about the aquarium trade to be interesting.

Hurst: I did, and included a fascinating article in which scientists used Swordtails, a common aquarium fish, for an experiment on sex chromosomes. I include fish stories whenever I can, just for the halibut.

Carol: Oh no. Hopefully we can do better next week to end 2018 on a much better pun…

Gradually, nervously, courts are granting rights to animals from The Economist

Want to Protect Your Kids from Allergies? Study Says Get a Dog … or Two from People

As Seas Warm, Galápagos Islands Face a Giant Evolutionary Test from NYT

Inside the murky world of the aquarium trade from Nat Geo

Embrace a Fake Meat Future for Its Lesser-Known Benefits from Wired

World’s first no-kill eggs go on sale in Berlin from The Guardian

Every sea turtle in global study found to have synthetic fibers and microplastics in their guts from Mongabay

Red Wolves Are Among 10 Species Threatened By Extinction Due To Lack Of Protection By The Trump Administration from World Animal News

30 years of experimental evolution results in a new sex chromosome from Science Daily

Scotland’s wildcats ‘functionally extinct’ in the wild from BBC News

Smuggled Finches, Bound for Singing Contests, Keep Arriving in New York from The New York Times


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