Deer Coral Puppies Kittens Snakes Invertebrates and the Year of the Vegan

Carol: Any resolutions for 2019, Hurst?

Hurst: Hmmm… I want to consume less animal products, lower my carbon footprint, and maybe learn Mandarin Chinese.

Carol: Well two of those sound a bit more doable, but I support you. I think it would be great if everyone tried to help animals in the new year! For example, knowing which products that you use test on animals.  It is shocking how many companies still do this.

Hurst: Sorry I zoned out, did you say test?  I haven’t studied.

Carol: It wouldn’t be the first time I’m sure. Anyway, see you next year!

The Economist Predicts 2019 Will Be The “Year of the Vegan” from VegNews. The Economist article can be found here

This undersea robot just delivered 100,000 baby corals to the Great Barrier Reef from NCB News

A new law aims to help the pets of domestic violence victims from Fox13 News

Mysterious deer disease has wildlife officials trying to keep it out of the Carolinas from The News & Observer

UK bans pet shops from selling puppies and kittens from AP News

Nightlights for stream dwellers? No, thanks from Science Daily

Japan confirms it will quit IWC to resume commercial whaling from The Guardian

New snake species discovered in another snake’s belly from National Geographic

And….a few summary articles highlighting big animal events from the year

2018’s big wins — and big losses — for animals from Vox

Best animal photos of 2018 from National Geographic

100 Wholesome Animal Tweets From This Year That’ll Warm Your Heart from Buzzfeed

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards from their website

Faunalytics Year in Review from Faunalytics

2018 Genesis Award Winners from The Humane Society

10 Times Animals Behaved Oddly in 2018 from Live Science

2018 Wasn’t a Completely Horrible Year for the Environment from EcoWatch

Photo credit: Jen from Unsplash

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