Pythons Lizards Orangutans Monarchs and Cockatoos

Carol: Hi Hurst, how are you doing on your new year’s resolutions, because Jay-Z and Beyoncé have an idea. Veganism!

Hurst: Well my idea of single handedly ending climate change is not going well so far, so maybe a plant based diet is worth a shot. But onto more exciting news, did you see the video of the lizard breathing underwater? Now there’s a new years resolution!

Carol: My personal resolution is to dishing out awful puns for our readers! Did you see the story about the animal bridge over a interstate in Washington?

Hurst: Mmm, I think I will overpass on that one, but thanks.

Indonesia confiscated some 200 pet cockatoos. What happened to them? from Mongabay

New Animal Overpass Is Already Protecting Critters in Washington State from The Smithsonian

Bridges for bears: Do wildlife corridors work? from The Asheville Citizen-Times

WATCH: First-Ever Footage of a Lizard Breathing Underwater from Live Science

Alba The Albino Orangutan Is Now Free, Living In The Trees Again from NPR

Cane toads snake ride on python’s back to escape storm in northern Australia from The Guardian

Beyoncé and Jay-Z “Challenge” You to Try Veganism from W Magazine

We’re losing monarchs fast—here’s why from Nat Geo

The Importance Of Data Sharing For Veterinarians from Faunalytics

How we can combat climate change from The Washington Post

Photo credit: Vish K from Unsplash

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