Termites Finches Oysters Hares Cats and Hawaiian Snails

Hurst: Hi there Carol, I have a story for you that you ter-might find interesting!

Carol: Is it about ants?

Hurst:…Termites, Carol. A new study found that termite populations play a key role in the survival of tropical forests during droughts.

Carol: That seems to go against what I know about termites. How does that work?

Hurst: Research shows that termite activity increases in times of drought. As they eat their way through the soil they keep it moist. This moisture allows for a higher rate of survival of plant seedlings!

Carol: Wow, I never would have guessed that termites actually make a forest healthier. See you next week!

Termites help to protect tropical forests during drought, study finds from Mongabay

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Photo credit: David Sischo/Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources

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