Frogs Gorillas Sharks Cows and Polar Bears

Hurst: Hey Carol, I think it’s great we are doing a Creature Feature double feature this week.

Carol: Yeah, we’ve combined the best stories from the past two weeks to bring lots of great reading to our followers. I have to admit I got really distracted by all the animal vs. technology stories this week.  Like the polar bear who found a camera and submerged it into icy waters.

Hurst: Whoa, I bet the camera captured some great shots before it got submerged.

Carol: I’m not giving away a thing – you’ll have to look at the slides yourself. What stood out to you this week?

Hurst: My favorite was the piece about Romeo the water frog and his lover possibly saving their species. I’m a sucker for a good love story.

Carol: I’ll make sure to check it out; shout out to the European Union for introducing restrictions on single-use plastics!  

See what happens when a polar bear finds a camera from National Geographic

Cellphones are still endangering gorillas, but recycling old ones can help from Mongabay

We’ll Always Eat Meat. But More of It Will Be ‘Meat’ from Bloomburg

Animals may get used to drones from Science Daily

The upside of rising jellyfish numbers? Many animals eat them from National Geographic

Diver filmed with huge great white: sharks must be ‘protected not feared’  from The Guardian

Marine Mammals and Turtles Protected by the Endangered Species Act Are Bouncing Back from EcoWatch

New Kansas Lawsuit Aims to Overturn Oldest Ag-gag Law in the Country from Mercy for Animals

The End Of Plastic Cutlery, Plates And Straws: EU Market Says Goodbye To Single-Use Plastic Products from Forbes

Romeo the Water Frog Has Finally Found His Juliet — and Their Love Just Might Save His Species from Live Science

Photo obtained from Unsplash

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