Leopards Tigers Sharks Ostriches Tarantulas Insects and Reindeer Cyclones

Hurst: Carol, I have big news, I think we are one step closer to discovering real biological unicorns!

Carol: Hurst, sometimes the things you say deeply worry me…

Hurst: Join the club. But last week we talked about a newly discovered praying mantis that had a unique horn on its head and this week scientists have discovered a tarantula with a similar appendage! So the next logical step would be a one horned horse, a unicorn, if you will.

Carol: Interesting train of thought. Well I spent this week celebrating one of my favorite holidays.

Hurst: I had no idea you were such a big Valentine’s Day fan!

Carol: Oh I meant National Hippo Day, but that too, I guess.

Sea Turtle Populations Soared by 980% After Legal Protections: Report from Global Citizen

Human Hunting Is Driving the World’s Biggest Animals Toward Extinction from Smithsonian

Beset by recalls and falling meat prices, America’s biggest meat producer wants to take a bite out of the vegetarian market from MarketWatch

Why insect populations are plummeting—and why it matters from National Geographic

Reindeer Cyclones Are Real, and You Definitely Don’t Want to Get Caught in One from Live Science

Ecosystem changes following loss of great white sharks from Science Daily

Plastics reach remote pristine environments, scientists say from The Guardian

Tiger Found in Abandoned House by Person Who Just Wanted to Smoke Pot from The New York Times

Rare Black Leopard Spotted in Kenya from US News

New ‘astonishing’ tarantula has strange horn on its back from National Geographic

Photo credit: Abdullah Athif on Unsplash

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