Treehoppers Chickens Cardinals Orangutans Dolphins Tortoises Zebras and “Nut Juice”

Hurst: Hi there Carol, let’s dive right in. I think you will bee interested to hear about my favorite story of the week. A giant bee that was thought to be extinct was rediscovered on the Indonesian island of Bacan. With a wingspan of two inches and a half it is the largest bee in the world!

Carol: I can see what all the buzz is about, that’s amazing!  We’ve got two articles about tortoises this week, and some progress made regarding mitigating climate change.  

Hurst: I’m sure you already follow Fanimal on all social media platforms but this is your official reminder that after this week all Creature Feature posts will be posted on Fanimal accounts instead!

Carol: I’m already on it, but I appreciate the reminder. See you next week!

Animal Shelter Throws Senior Dogs Adorable Wedding So They Can Get Adopted Together from The Huffington Post

California firefighters rescue dog wedged in hole with 70-pound tortoise named ‘Godzilla from Newsweek

Chinese ‘Queen of Ivory’ sentenced to 15 years in jail for tusk trafficking from Mongabay

Some dairy farmers would rather you call it “nut juice” than almond milk from The TakeOut

The Chicken Is Local, But Was It Happy? GPS Now Tells The Life Story Of Your Poultry from NPR

Why vegan seafood products are having a moment from CBS News

How ‘plant-based’ rebranded vegan eating for the mainstream from The Washington Post

China and India are making the planet greener, NASA says from CNN

New Species of orangutan threatened from moment of its discovery from Mongabay

Plastics found in dolphins, seals, and whales in UK waters from Mongabay

Inside the world of treehoppers, mini-marvels of the rainforest from National Geographic

This Bird’s Body Is Half Male, Half Female. So Is Its Brain from Live Science

Why the zebra got its stripes: to deter flies from landing on it from The Guardian

Great white shark genome decoded from Science Daily

Steve Irwin: How should the Crocodile Hunter be remembered? from BBC News

World’s Largest Bee Spotted for the First Time in Decades from The Smithsonian

How an ‘extinct’ tortoise was rediscovered after a century from National Geographic

‘Kicking Ass for Her Generation’: Applause for 16-Year-Old Greta Thunberg as EU Chief Pledges Billions to Curb Climate Threat from EcoWatch


Thank you to John Delconte and Beth Wilson for contributing stories!

Photo credit: Mai Moeslund on Unsplash

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