Jaguars Rats Sturgeon Killer Whales Dingos and Super Tuskers

Hurst: Hi Carol, welcome back!

Carol: Good to be back! It was a busy week but I’m ready to discuss some animal news. I added two stories about the meat and meat substitute industries that I found fascinating.

Hurst: Well I’m all for a meat substitute after I found out that scientists are worried that the consumption of deer meat could give humans Chronic Wasting Disease! It makes a veggie burger sound pretty good. And amid plenty of stories about climate devastation I was glad to read about the possibility of sturgeon returning to the Hudson River!

Carol: What are surgeons doing in the Hudson river? Are they on a boat? I guess it is spring break but I thought most people went to Cancun.

Hurst: Wow I really missed your humor last week. Anyway, see you next week!

Your Dumb Party Balloons Are Killing All the Seabirds from Live Science

Australian dingo is a unique Australian species in its own right from Science Daily

Last photos of Kenya’s ‘elephant queen’ from BBC News

Can Chronic Wasting Disease Be Passed to Humans? From US News

14-foot fish spotted in river, giving hope to vanished giant’s return from National Geographic

Secret Group of Killer Whales Discovered in Southern Ocean from Live Science

Support is surging for teens’ climate change lawsuit from National Geographic

What rats, yes rats, deserve: Why did the story of one rodent’s rescue captivate us when so many humans are so thoughtlessly cruel to these animals? from Daily News

Morningstar Farms to be 100% Plant Based by 2021 from the Good Food Institute

Can jaguar tourism save Bolivia’s fast dwindling forests? By Mongabay

The lab-grown meat industry just got the regulations it’s been begging for from Vox

How China’s WeChat became a grim heart of illegal animal trading from Wired

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