Salamanders Worms Grouse Vaquitas Lemurs Dolphins Coyotes And Superpower Dogs

Hurst: Hey there Carol lets get straight into it, I have a few stories that I really want to discuss with you.

Carol: Hit me with them.

Hurst: Well we have previously reported on the vaquita, a small Central American marine mammal, but it seems the outlook for the species survival is grim. After the possible death of one of these dolphin-like creatures this week, the total population count is estimated to only be ten individuals.

Carol: Wow we are starting off with quite the bummer of a story.

Hurst: But the good news is that we also have a story about five species of animals that we thought to be extinct but we now know are still surviving!

Carol: Well I hope the same for the vaquita. My favorite story this week was the one about the Danish billionaires that are rewilding large plots of the Scottish Highlands. It is refreshing to see such large sums of money put to good use.

Hurst: I agree. I love the concept of rewilding and I hope to see more stories like this. See you next week!

Super variable California salamander is ‘an evolutionist’s dream’ from Mongabay

Decapitated Worms Regrow Their Brains from Live Science

Sage grouse saga: Trump opens habitat to drilling as activists condemn plan from The Guardian

Cougar leftovers are home to hundreds of beetle species from National Geographic

The five: back-from-the-brink species once thought extinct from The Guardian

Possible vaquita death accompanies announcement that only 10 are left from Mongabay

Film Review: ‘Superpower Dogs’  from Variety

How the sapphire trade is driving lemurs toward extinction from National Geographic

Audio: What underwater sounds can tell us about Indian Ocean humpback dolphins from Mongabay

Why coyote pelts are in high demand from Marketplace

Company wins court battle over exploratory oil drilling in Florida Everglades from Marketplace

Dead whale washed up ashore in the Philippines with almost 100 pounds of plastic in its stomach from CBS News

Mouse filmed moving items in man’s shed in Bristol from BBC

Why people risk their lives for the ultimate animal selfie from National Geographic

Danish billionaires plan to rewild large swath of Scottish Highlands from The Guardian

Healthy frogs can mysteriously reverse their sex from National Geographic

Mass Migration of Painted Lady Butterflies Entrances Californians from The New York Times

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