Horses Frogs Lizards Sea Creatures and Blonde Zebras

Hurst: Hi there, Carol! I have a fun story to start us out. A photographer in Tanzania spotted a rare blonde zebra.

Carol: How do you think it colored its hair blonde? That’s a lot of boxes of hair color.

Hurst: Well, actually the zebra has a rare case of partial albinism, giving it a unique blonde appearance. Not much is known about these albino zebras and how they survive in the wild but I’m hoping scientists will start out their search for knowledge with a study to see if blondes really have more fun!

Carol: Yeah, I’m sure that will be the first thing on the docket…

Ascension, the Atlantic ‘Galápagos,’ to get massive marine reserve from Mongabay

Wee Orange ‘Pumpkin’ Frogs Have Bones That Glow Through Their Skin from Live Science

‘Scuba-diving’ lizard can stay underwater for 16 minutes from Science Daily

Cull invasive mammals to save island species, experts urge from The Guardian

Want to Adopt a Wild Horse? The Government Will Pay You $1,000 from The New York Times

Study Suggests Deep-Sea Creatures Are Eating Plastic from US News

Extremely rare ‘blonde’ zebra photographed from National Geographic

Killer frog disease ‘part of Earth’s sixth mass extinction’ from BBC News

How to Save the American Racehorse from New York Times

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