Cats Carnivores Millipedes Monkeys and Swimming Pigs

Carol: Hi Hurst! Happy belated Earth Day. Did you celebrate big?

Hurst: You know I did. Aside from eating copious amounts of celebratory cake, I looked into some things I can do to help the Earth in my daily life. One of my favorites that I found was the search engine Ecosica, that plants a tree with every search!

Carol: I don’t think people really eat cake on Earth Day, but more power to you. That sounds great, we do plenty of searching for Creature Feature each week, we could probably plant our own forest.

Hurst: I have to tell you about my favorite story this week. A new study came out that used information from citizen scientists in our own backyard of Raleigh, North Carolina, to determine if multiple carnivore species could coexist in urban areas.

Carol: That sounds fascinating, what did they find out?

Hurst: You will have read to find out carni-more!

Carol: Oh wow that was bad, even for you. 


Australia Is Deadly Serious About Killing Millions of Cats from NYT

The Bahamas’ swimming pig attractions are out of control, animal rights advocates say from The South Florida Sun Sentinel  

Jane Goodall on Leonardo DiCaprio, her 85th birthday, and the need for hope from Mongabay

Chinese scientists insert human brain gene into monkeys, spark ethical debate from NBC News

How one man repopulated a rare butterfly species in his backyard from Vox

Millipede Genitals Glow Different Colors (But Scientists Can’t Explain Why) from Live Science

Can multiple carnivores coexist in cities? from Science Daily

‘Gorilla selfie’: DRC park ranger explains photo that went viral from The Guardian

How do we decide which species are endangered or threatened? From National Geographic

Creating a high-tech island to save one of the world’s rarest birds from Mongabay

California’s canine blood banks harvest from caged dogs and operate in secrecy from LA Times


Photo credit: Forest Simon

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