Hippos Cats Antelope Insects and Snakes

Hurst: Carol I think it’s time to revisit a subject we haven’t talked about in a while.

Carol: Pangolins? I hope its pangolins.

Hurst: Even better, poop.

Carol: Oh perfect.

Hurst: One of my favorite articles from this week was about the vital role hippo poop plays in many aquatic ecosystems in Africa. Just by pooping in and around the river, hippos are recycling silicon, keeping the food chain in these ecosystems healthy.

Carol: Hippo? More like Hi-poo. See you next week!

3-Eyed Snake Found in Australia Surprises Rangers from Live Science

Chemical records in teeth confirm elusive Alaska lake seals are one of a kind from Science Daily

Catwalk gatecrasher becomes surprise fashion star from BBC News

U.N. Report Finds 1 Million Species At Risk of Extinction from U.S. News

Speedy horses evolved only recently, says landmark equine study from National Geographic

Deer, rabbit or dog? Mystery animal rescued in Katy from The Houston Chronicle

A Beluga Whale Is Allegedly a Russian Spy. There’s a Long History of Marine Mammals in the Military from Time

Beyond Meat Goes Public, Raises $241 Million from The Good Food Institute

A rare antelope is being killed to make $20,000 scarves from National Geographic

Horse Deaths Are Threatening the Racing Industry. Is the Sport Obsolete? from NYT

Scientists Gave Wolves Touchscreens to See If They’re Friendlier Than Dogs from PBS

Hippos poop a lot of silica, and that’s critical for Africa’s rivers and lakes from Mongabay

Blood-squirting insects and more tiny creatures flourish in African park from National Geographic

Your Questions About Food and Climate Change, Answered from NYT

Turning A Viral Moment Into An Advocacy Movement from Faunalytics

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