Elephants Butterflies Wolves Frogs Parrots and Unicorn Burgers

Hurst: Welcome back Carol! You’re looking tan.

Carol: Thank you! I have heard sunburns are really in this summer!

Hurst: You are definitely working it. John and I discussed plenty of animal news last week but there is still a lot to cover this week. I was fascinated by a report that came out this week stating that animals will be getting smaller over the next century.

Carol: I think I would like that! A teacup rhino sounds adorable.

Hurst: I’m not sure that is quite what they meant, but I agree.  Which article was your favorite this week, as if I had to ask?

Carol: Well…you know I am follower of clean and cultured meat news, so I was interested to see the article out of St. Louis Today about the frustrated diners and restaurateurs who can’t get enough Impossible Burgers. It seems the supply isn’t keeping up with the demand.

Hurst: Are you sure you didn’t like that article only because it mention a dish called the Unicorn Burger?

Carol: Ok, you know me well.  That is a good name.

Where’s the (fake) beef? Shortage of popular meatless Impossible Burger frustrates local restaurants from St. Louis Today

These high-tech seals are charting future sea level rise from PRI

Otter cafés and ‘cute pets craze’ fuel illegal trafficking in Japan and Indonesia from Mongabay

Botswana Just Lifted Its Ban on Elephant Hunting. Conservationists Are Appalled from Live Science

Study predicts shift to smaller animals over next century from Science Daily

The butterfly effect: what one species’ miraculous comeback can teach us from The Guardian

Last male Sumatran rhino in Malaysia dies from National Geographic

Wolf-dog ‘swarms’ threaten Europe’s wolves from Science Daily

Prada to go fur-free in 2020 from CNN

Red-legged frogs successfully reintroduced to Yosemite from High Country News

Praise Song for the Unloved Animals from The New York Times

Light at night is harmful for amphibians, suggests study from Tech Explorist

Cat Who Can’t Stop Sneezing Stuck at Rescue Centre because ‘Nobody will adopt him’ from The Independent

Insects might be the key to making lab-grown meat take off from Fast Company

BRAUN: Milo, Bella? The tricky business of naming your dog from Toronto Sun

The Surprising Complexity of Animal Memories from The Atlantic

Nigerians fight to protect the world’s most trafficked mammal from National Geographic

Former pet parrots breeding and thriving in 23 U.S. states from National Geographic

Were Saber-Toothed Cat Fangs Strong Enough to Puncture Bone? from Smithsonian

Pain free, thanks to evolution from Science Daily

Photo credit: Drew Brown on Unsplash

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