Whales Dolphins Deer Dogs Cats Frogs and Bats

Carol: Hey Hurst!  You know the news has been all a-buzz with animals this week!

Hurst: I see what you did there.  We’ve got a story about bees.

Carol: Oh deer, you are on to my puns.

Hurst: Seriously, Carol? You are better than this. Yes, I enjoyed the video about the deer running with the jogger too.

Carol: I just want our readers to know that I’m funny, too.

Hurst: Ummm…I think you’ll need to keep trying.  Did you notice we had two stories from Korea this week?  One about cats and one about dogs. Way to go us keeping both target audiences happy!

Carol: But they aren’t the happiest of stories – stray cats and dogs wearing pollution masks.  I know my dogs wouldn’t put up with that.

Hurst: We haven’t mentioned any animal celebrations lately, and we sure have some big ones coming up! All of next week is Animal Rights Awareness Week, not to mention World Sea Turtle Day on June 16th!

Carol: Oh right, I sea. What a fun week of celebrations!

Hurst: I’m gonna ignore that. See you next week!

Wild bees are building their homes from plastic — and scientists aren’t sure why from National Geographic

Deer Join Jogger for a Spirited Morning Run Because It Makes Total Sense (short video) from Time

Cat Declawing Ban Is Passed by N.Y. Lawmakers from NYT

Land grabbing, cattle ranching ravage Colombian Amazon after FARC demobilization from Mongabay

We asked readers which species they’d save—here are the top responses from National Geographic

PETA’s latest demand: End ‘circus-style’ dolphin shows at SeaWorld from San Diego Tribune

Your Dog Gets Stressed When You Do, This Heartbreaking Study Says from Bustle

It’s meow or never: Seoul’s street cats fight for love from PRI

Where dogs wear pollution masks from BBC

Canada bans the captivity and breeding of orcas, dolphins and other whales from Washington Post

Caribbean nations boost protection for extremely rare largetooth sawfish from Mongabay

California Extends $300 Million Dollar Budget Over 10 Years To Conserve Critical Wildlife Habitat from World Animal News

First-ever spider glue genes sequenced, paving way to next biomaterials breakthrough from Science Daily

Here’s why cats hate belly rubs so much from National Geographic

Fair Oaks Farms under investigation after undercover video exposes animal abuse from CBS News

Pathogens may have facilitated the evolution of warm-blooded animals from Science Daily

New Pinocchio frog species has a strange, pointy nose from National Geographic

Why do bats have such bizarrely long lifespans? from Arstechnica

The Great Insect Dying: The tropics in trouble and some hope from Mongabay

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