Monkeys Dolphins Reefs Seals Elephants and Beluga-Narwhal Hybrids

Hurst:  Hello Carol! I hope you’re having a great summer so far.

Carol: I am!  But while the seasonal heat is increasing in North Carolina, I didn’t expect to read an article about snow in Yellowstone on the first day of summer.

Hurst: Well, snow sounds nice right about now, because I can assure you it is not snowing in my unairconditioned apartment. 

Carol: Yikes. Maybe celebrating an animal holiday will help you take your mind off the heat. Next month is Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month, maybe you can bring a furry friend into your home. It could make it a hare cooler?

Hurst: Very bunny Carol, I see what you did there.  So, if you were a wild animal, where would you want to live?

Carol: Uhhh…somewhere outside?  Is there a specific answer you are looking for here, Hurst?

Hurst: Well, one piece this week named Costa Rica as a really good spot to live…you’ll have to check it out to see why.  See you next week!


Meghan Markle Shares Her Love for Rescue Dogs in a Surprise Essay from Vanity Fair 

5 Ways To Train Your Dog To Behave In Your Office, According To Experts from Bustle 

A rhino warrior experiments with peace from PRI 

4,000 live reptiles rescued in biggest global raid of its kind from National Geographic 

Monkey see, monkey do: Islands in Panama offer glimpse into animal innovation from PRI 

America’s grungy ‘recycled’ plastic is creating wastelands in Asia from PRI 

This Website Warns You If A Dog Dies In A Movie from LAD Bible

Dolphins along the Gulf Coast are dying at triple the normal rate, scientists say from NBC News

Largest Animal Epidemic in History Is Due to Industrial Farming from The Real News Network 

“Part of something bigger”: the social movement around New Zealand’s Predator-Free 2050 goal by Mongabay

Meet the Cat-Fox, an Oddball Feline Roaming Around a French Island from Live Science

U.S. House Of Representatives Approves Amendment To Ban The Importation of Endangered African Lions & Elephants By Trophy Hunters from World Animal News

Animals’ brain activity ‘syncs’ during social interactions from Science Daily

Scamp the Tramp is champ at World’s Ugliest Dog Contest from The Guardian

Grey seals can learn to sing like humans, says study from BBC News

In Thailand, You Can Ride an Elephant. But Should You? From The New York Times

It’s snowing in Yellowstone—on the first day of summer. From National Geographic

First-Ever Beluga-Narwhal Hybrid Found in the Arctic from Science Daily

Artificial Reefs May Help Migratory Fish from Faunalytics 

Why Costa Rica Is A Really Great Place To Be A Wild Animal from Huffington Post

Photo credit: paweldotio on Unsplash

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