Horses Eagles Egrets Squid Cockroaches and Coral Reefs

Hurst: Can you believe June is already over?

Carol: You must be lion! How time flies! But now it is the most wonderful time of the year…

Hurst: Let me guess, it’s National Orange Cat Month. Or maybe Global Housefly Awareness month?

Carol: I don’t know if I like your tone. But nonetheless, you’re on the right track. I’ll give you a hint. What did the buffalo say when his son went off to college?

Hurst: Carol I don’t think buffalo go to college? 

Carol: Bye-son! Like Bison! July is National Bison Month!

Hurst: That was going to be my next guess. See you next week, or what I can only assume is National Say Something Nice to a Horse Week. 

Japan resumes commercial whale hunting from Mongabay

Yellow Jacket ‘Super Nests’ the Size of Cars Are Popping Up in Alabama from Live Science

Golden Eagle Chicks Found In Southern California Mountains For The 1st Time In 30 Years from World Animal News

Immediate, science-based community action can mitigate insect decline from Science Daily

Hello exotic egrets, farewell mountain butterflies as fauna revolution hits UK from The Guardian

Escapee pregnancy test frogs colonised Wales for 50 years from BBC News

Chobani Turns to Fair-Trade Program to Help Struggling Dairy Industry from NYT

Cockroaches Becoming ‘Almost Impossible’ to Kill With Pesticides Alone from US News

How scientists got that amazing giant squid video from National Geographic

Canada must do much better on animal rights from The Toronto Star 

One Casualty of the Palm Oil Industry: An Orangutan Mother, Shot 74 Times from NYT

What’s Cuter Than a Baby Cheetah? A Baby Cheetah With Its Puppy Pal from The Wall Street Journal 

What we’re learning about animal memories could help us crack Alzheimer’s from Fast Company 

Drone takes to the skies to image offshore reefs from Nature 

Why So Many Horses Have Died at Santa Anita from NYT 

Photo by Marylou Salon on Unsplash

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