Squirrels Tigers Owls Horses and Wildlife Day

Jenna: Welcome back, all!  This past week, on September 4th, we celebrated National Wildlife Day!

Hannah: It’s one of my favorite holidays, I must say!  I just discovered that this special day was established following the death of wildlife conservationist, Steve Irwin.  This wildlife icon, inspired and educated viewers across the world. It is vital for us, as humans, to be aware of our actions and how they affect species that share the earth with us. 

Jenna: I completely agree, Hannah!  I’m especially fond of sea turtles, and, luckily, it seems many of Hilton Head’s turtle nests were not impacted by Hurricane Dorian.  That being said, some were unfortunately washed away by the storm surge. What a huge reminder – sea turtles have so many natural threats to face, like hurricanes.  It is so important that we do all that we can to help protect them. 

Hannah: You’re turtley right.  Speaking of the recent hurricane, did you hear about the wild horses in the Outer Banks?  Instead of evacuating to avoid the storm while it passes, the horses seek higher ground, gather together, and face their rear ends towards the wind. Talk about some good teamwork! 

Jenna: You’ve got that right. This trick is one the horses have been using for 500 years! We have some cool news about animal adaptations this week. White Barn Owls use their white feathers to hunt more effectively, and squirrels listen to birds to determine if predators are near. 

Hannah: Learning about animals is always a hoot with you!

Jenna: Until next week, animal lovers!

Hip-Hip Hooray! Today Is National Wildlife Day! from Forbes

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The wild horses of the Outer Banks won’t evacuate. They have a special trick to survive hurricanes from CNN

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Squirrels Eavesdrop on Birds to Check If Danger Has Passed from Smithsonian Magazine

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California becomes first state to ban fur trapping after Gov. Newsom signs law from Los Angeles Times

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The wild horses of the Outer Banks won’t evacuate. They have a special trick to survive hurricanes from CNN

Ancient Worm Died in Its Tracks, Shedding Light on Animal Movement from Smithsonian.com 

Photo by Doug Swinson on Unsplash

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