Rhinos Rabbits Porcupines Eels and Rats

Hannah: Let’s jump right in because we have some pretty incredible news this week, Jenna! 

Jenna: Let me hear it!

Hannah: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is working to end testing on animals, such as mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, and dogs, to name a few.  The agency is investing in and developing non-animal technological alternatives that will replace the inhumane use of animals in chemical and pesticide experimentation.

Jenna: Until animal testing has become completely extinct, I will do my part by shopping smart!  I have learned to pay attention to product labels and certifications like “cruelty-free” and “not tested on animals” when making purchases.

Hannah: You make a great point!  Faunalytics wrote a great primer on animal testing and the Humane Society provides a list of companies who are cruelty-free.  Becoming more aware of purchases can truly benefit the livelihood of animals.

Jenna: Smart shopping is the way to go.  Now for my favorite piece of news this week!

Hannah: Take it away!

Jenna: Alright. Now, what would life be without friends? 

Hannah: Oh no, this sounds like a sad story.

Jenna: No, no! Stay with me, Hannah. This is an uplifting story about a porcupette, Diablo, and dachshund, Fig, who both know the value of friendship.  These pals didn’t let their difference in species stop them from becoming the best of friends. Beyond having regular adorable and exciting playtimes, Fig has helped Diablo learn how to have friendly interactions.  Unfortunately, Diablo wasn’t cared for by his mother, so these lessons taught by Fig are imperative to Diablo’s social progress. 

Hannah: What a cute story!  I love unlikely friendships in the animal world!  We hear about different species interacting and becoming best friends all of the time.  Maybe we all can learn something from these animals.

Jenna: You’re so right.  Speaking of friendship, I’m so glad we became friends through Creature Feature News and Fanimal.  Fanimal is a great way for animal lovers to connect and build community!

This week’s highlighted news articles: 

Breaking news: EPA moves to end animal testing from A Humane World

Calling personal foul on the food ads this football season and changing the game from The Washington Post

Smithsonian Researchers Triple the Number of Electric Eel Species, Including One With Record-Setting Shock Ability from Smithsonian 

Texas hounds chase down rhino poachers in South Africa from National Geographic 

Vegans slowly taking over NYC with new restaurants from New York Post

After Porcupine is Rejected By His Mother, Wiener Dog Steps in to Be His Best Friend from Good News Network 

Strides in Assisted Reproductive Techniques for Rhinoceros: what do they signify? from International Rhino Foundation 

Fancy a game of hide and squeak? Rats love to play, scientists find from CNN

Seaweed ‘forests’ can help fight climate change from National Geographic 

Brazilian Amazon fires scientifically linked to 2019 deforestation: report from Mongabay

No plastic wrapping. No rubber bands. Idaho’s first ‘zero-waste’ grocery opens soon from Idaho Statesman

Kraft Heinz Leads $3.5 Million Investment In Vegan Mozzarella Startup from VegNews

Short-Term Fostering Programs Reduce Stress For Shelter Dogs from Faunalytics 

Thank you to Karen Dawn from DawnWatch for being another wonderful source for news!

Photo by Andy Brunner on Unsplash


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