Bison Whales Bobcats and Halloween Decorations

Hannah: Greetings, all!  Let’s jump into this week’s animal news.

Jenna: I have some shocking news I am dying to share.

Hannah: Take it away, Jenna!

Jenna: A family set out on a lake for a fishing trip and noticed something adrift in the water, only to find it was a baby bobcat fighting to stay above water.  The family was able to save the young bobcat by scooping it up in a fishing net and bringing it to dry land. 

Hannah: Now, that is a day the family won’t forget.  What a happy save! With Halloween upon us in the next week, spooky decor is popping up across neighborhoods.  Did you know that our decorations can be of danger to our backyard wildlife?

Jenna: Really?  Are you sure about that?  I mean, after all they are just temporary decorations.

Hannah: You make a great point, Jenna.  I thought the same thing, but it turns out that we can decorate outdoors in a more animal-friendly manner.

Jenna: Tell me more.

Hannah: Well, for starters, the fake cobwebs set out can catch creatures!  There have been instances of owls, birds and other animals getting trapped in this decor.  Deer have also gotten colored lights and other hanging materials stuck in their antlers. 

Jenna: Oh, I had never thought about it from that perspective. 

Hannah: This doesn’t mean that we can’t decorate at all.  Rather we should do our best to decorate with animals in mind. 

Jenna: I’ll definitely keep that in mind.  Hannah, you’re going to love this next topic.  A project that started five years ago to provide bison with 22,000 acres in the area surrounding the Badlands Park.  In the 1960s, there were only 50 bison in the park. Now, there are about 1,200.

Hannah: Those new 22,000 acres of land will definitely help repopulation efforts.  The news story linked below has an amazing video of some of the bison entering their new land. 

Jenna: If you enjoy learning about stories of animal advocacy like this one, you are a fan of animals – or a Fanimal, as we like to call it!  Speaking of Fanimal, check out our photo contest taking place October 28th.

Hannah: Catch some more animal news next week right here on Creature Feature News!

This week’s animals news:

Why Cemeteries are a Surprising Source of Life from National Geographic

Once Rejected Lion Named Kesari Finds His Forever Home At Animal Defenders International Wildlife Sanctuary In South Africa from World Animal News

Cuba’s thriving honey business from The Economist

Last Performing Circus Elephant of Chile is Rescued and Moved to New Sanctuary to Live Out Her Golden Years from Good News Network

Breaking! Queen Elizabeth’s Recent Speech Confirms The Government’s Plan To Ban Trophy Hunting Imports In The UK from World Animal News

Fishing Family Shocked to Rescue Young Bobcat From Drowning in the Middle of a Lake from Good News Network

Study: Tree-sapping Invasic Spotted Lanternflies Could Be on the Move Across U.S. from U.S. News

Bison Are Finally Roaming These Prairie Lands Again for the First Time in 150 Years from Good News Network

These tiny aquatic animals secrete a compound that may help fight snail fever from Science News

Why The Lion King is so wrong about the African savannah from Independent UK

Venezuelan crisis: Government censors environmental and scientific data from Mongabay 

Humpback whales use their flippers and bubble ‘nets’ to catch fish from Science News

No Better Than Flipping A Coin?: Behavioral Evaluations Of Shelter Dogs from Faunalytics

Life hacks: Some tips to make Halloween decor less scary for wildlife from Lincoln Journal Star

The New Makers of Plant-Based Meat? Big Meat Companies from The New York Times

Thank you to Karen Dawn from DawnWatch for being an excellent source for articles.

Photo credit to AJ Robbie from Unsplash


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