Kittens Birds Penguins Dragonflies and Queen Elizabeth

Hannah: Hello there, Fanimals!  We are here to share some of this week’s animal news with you. 

Jenna: I am excited to kick-off this week with a story about a possible whale sighting in my own hometown.  I’m sad that I missed the beautiful show, but the video from the attached article is certainly amazing. 

Hannah: That would’ve been so awesome to see live.  This week I was interested to learn about new ways to help protect birds.  I didn’t realize that bird population numbers were declining so significantly, so I am happy to adopt some new practices to create a bird-safe environment around my home.  For example, I would love to install a bird bath, make sure my windows aren’t too reflective, and plant some shrubs for them to roost in and provide shade. It’ll ,make a safe place for birds to rest, and I will get to do some bird watching.  I call that a win-win situation! 

Jenna: What a cool idea.  As I’m sure you know, Fanimal is a great resource to learn more about birds. Speaking of birds, I was heartbroken to read that Emperor penguins may become extinct by 2100 if we do not quickly react to climate change with significant efforts.  

Hannah: As was I! Efforts to reduce carbon emissions is crucial for the species.  In other news about environmental impacts, university students have shown an interest in options for plant-based meals.  Universities across the world have shown greater efforts to provide for these interests.

Jenna: By offering more plant-based options, campuses are moving in a more climate favorable direction.  Also moving in a favorable direction is Queen Elizabeth, who has decided that fur will no longer be a part of her wardrobe.

Hannah: What a major statement!  The Queen has quite an extensive wardrobe.  Does she plan to dispose of it all?

Jenna: No.  While there will be some existing pieces containing fur that will be worn for instances like ceremonies, her clothes will be made out of faux fur, fake animal fur, from here on out.

Hannah: I’m not sure I can top that news.  I’ll meet you back here with more news next week! 

This week’s animal news: 

Millions of School Children In Vietnam To Receive First-Ever Lesson About Threatened Species In Groundbreaking Program from World Animal News

Tiny Black ‘Janus Kitten’ Born With 2 Faces Overcoming the Odds Thanks to Dedicated Vet’s Care from People

Deadly virus spreads among marine mammals as Arctic ice melts from National Geographic

6 Dog Sleeping Positions and What Each Says About Your Dog’s Mood from Issuu

Incredible footage captures a sleeping octopus changing colour while dreaming from Indy 100

‘I am scared all the time’: Chimps and people are clashing in rural Uganda from National Geographic

Emperor penguins could disappear by 2100 if nations don’t cap emissions by Mongabay 

Beautiful New Species of Dragonfly Discovered from Sci News

Coke is again the biggest culprit behind plastic waste in the Philippines from Mongabay

Humble Man Walks Almost Entire Perimeter of Mexico Saving Hundred of Sick and Injured Dogs from Good News Network

Watch: Animal thought to be extinct seen for first time in 30 years from KCRG-TV9

Orangutan granted legal ‘personhood’ settles into new Florida home from NBC News

Turtle returned to ocean after recovering from spear attack from ABC News 

Simple Steps You Can Do to Help Conserve Birds from Nature World News

VIDEO: Viewer captures video of possible humpback whale along S.C. coast from WMBF News

See Dolphins Punt Fish Out Of Water To Stun And Eat Them from National Geographic

Rare Cancers Spreading Among Sea Creatures Have Scientists Perplexed from National Geographic

New Poll Shows Over 55% of Students Would Like To See More Plant-Based Options In Their Universities from World Animal News

Pet Chihuahua grabbed by bird of prey in Aberdeen from BBC News

Mouse Deer Species Not Seen For Nearly 30 Years Is Found Alive In Vietnam from The Guardian

Scientists Plan To Flood Black Market With Fake Rhino Horn To Reduce Poaching from The Guardian

Turtle Dove Flies Towards Extinction As Numbers Halve In UK from The Guardian

60 endangered turtles kidnapped from the Okinawa Zoo, reports say from ABC News

Queen Elizabeth Will No Longer Wear Fur, Buckingham Palace Confirms from The Independent

Photo by Florian van Duyn on Unsplash

Thank you to John Delconte and Jenn Samsel for sending us news!


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