Snakes Whales Cats Dogs Plant-Based Alternatives and Gorillas

Jenna: Welcome back, animal fans!  Hannah, what news do you have for us today?

Hannah: Costa Rica is officially running a #StopAnimalSelfies campaign to encourage animal welfare, especially in its tourism industry.  Costa Rica is known for its abundant wildlife, so it is exciting and heart-warming to hear that these animals will hopefully be further protected as a result of this movement.  The movement is quickly becoming viral online, and I’ve seen so many posts about it so far. 

Jenna: I saw that, too!  Speaking of viral social media posts, I’m sure you’ve heard about Narwhal, the rescue puppy with a tail on his head.  It seems almost everyone has absolutely fallen in love with Narwhal. Thankfully, the extra tail has no negative impacts on the puppy, aside from serving as an extremely unique feature.  

Hannah: How cute!  Narwhal is currently being fostered through Mac’s Mission, a rescue organization for special needs dogs.  Rochelle Steffen shared that thousands of people are considering adopting Narwhal.  This lucky pup is just one of many dogs cared for by this organization that is looking for a forever home.  Check out the organization’s Facebook link above to see some of their other dogs.  

Jenna:  Yes, simply put, we believe people should help rescued animals…. But, did you know that animals can actually help rescued animals?  Quilty the rescue cat, from Houston, has been helping his cat friends at an animal shelter by letting them out of their enclosed areas.  Yes, you read that right; Quilty can open doors. 

Hannah: Absolutely amazing!  Along the same theme of animals helping animals, wild horses in the Czech Republic may help revitalize butterfly populations.  The wild horses eat grass, and butterflies populations flourish in areas with less grass. It’s pretty cool how entirely different species work together to create balance. 

Jenna: It truly underscores the importance of protecting entire ecosystems. Until next time, we wish our readers a wonderful week.

This week’s animal news:

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Feral horses gallop to the rescue of butterflies in distress from Mongabay

These Snakes Can Jump—and Scientists Want To Know Why. from National Geographic

What It Takes To Protect Gorillas From Ebola from National Geographic

This Puppy Named Narwhal Has An Extra Tail On His Head And Everyone Is In Love from BuzzFeed News

Stag died after being tangled in plastic tape on Jura from BBC News

Speech pathologist teaches her dog to use a soundboard and now it communicates in sentences from Upworthy

What Happens After A Whale Dies? from NPR

Bird of the Year: Rare anti-social penguin wins New Zealand poll from BBC News

Behind the Cage, Tigers Face Threats Across Asia from US News

Hope on Horizon for Escaped ‘Russian Spy Whale‘ After Video of Its Rugby Skills Goes Viral from Good News Network

Endangered Seal and Sea Lion Populations Turned Around By Fishermen Who See the Creatures in a New Way from Good News Network

Breaking! Mercy For Animals Launches The “Transfarmation” Project To Help Animal Farmers Transition To Farm Plant-Based Alternatives from World Animal News

Breaking! New Lawsuit To Force The Trump Administration To Stop The U.S. Pangolin Trade Filed By Coalition of Animal Welfare Organizations from World Animal News

Breaking! Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi Invest In Miyoko’s Plant-Based Creamery from World Animal News

Costa Rica Launches Historic #StopAnimalSelfies Campaign To Raise Awareness, End The Cruelty & Support Wildlife Conservation from World Animal News

Quilty the cat was put into solitary confinement for helping other cats escape at a Texas shelter from Insider

Thank you to Erik Hoffner for sending us articles.

Photo credit to Porco Rosso from Unsplash. 

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