Sea Turtles Gibbons Sheep Frogs and Coral

Hannah: Hello and welcome back, animal fans!  Jenna, I know you adore sea turtles…. Have you heard about the giant group of olive ridley turtles on the Costa Rican coast?  Thousands of turtles were captured on video.  They were on their way to nest all together. 

Jenna: I did see that!  It was an amazing video to watch.  Most sea turtles nest individually at night, but olive ridley and kemp’s ridley turtles nest collectively in ginormous groups and may not nest necessarily at night.  They truly are special. Speaking of ocean animal news, I read about an exciting and surprising way coral reefs could potentially be saved.  

Hannah: Ohhh, tell me more please…

Jenna: Sound recordings of active and thriving coral reefs can be played underwater with waterproof speakers near struggling reefs to attract fish to the area.  These fish essentially bring some biodiversity back to the reef and can help new, healthy coral start growing.  

Hannah: Now that is an impactful, conservation initiative and I am hopeful that it will prevail.  I am just as eager to spill about my favorite story of the week.  Hold on to the edge of your seats for this one, folks! 

Jenna: *holds on to the edge of her seat*

Hannah: We are talking alternative methods for frog dissections!

Jenna: No way; please tell me no frogs were harmed in the making…

Hannah: Not a one.  A Florida high school was the first in the world to use synthetic frogs in place of real frogs.  Per year, 3 million frogs are killed and used for classroom purposes.  This technology not only saves the lives of frogs, but is safer for students to use, as it is free of potentially hazardous chemicals that real frogs could contain.

Jenna: This is major news for the world of science and education.

Hannah: And even better news for frogs!

Jenna: More news to come next week.  Until then, stay current on this week’s animal news by checking out all of the articles provided below.

This week’s animal news:

This Could Be The Biggest Sea Turtle Swarm Ever Filmed from National Geographic

Breaking! More Than 14,000 Sheep Were Trapped Aboard A Sinking Ship & Died During Live Export From Romania To Saudi Arabia from World Animal News

First recording of a blue whale’s heart rate from ScienceDaily

Tracking The Platypus: A Novel Approach For Wildlife Conservation from Faunalytics

Breaking! Beyond Meat Teams Up With The Los Angeles Lakers To Promote The Benefits Of A Plant-Based Diet from World Animal News

Audio: How listening to individual gibbons can benefit conservation from Mongabay

Most dolphins are ‘right-handed’, say researchers from The Guardian 

Breaking! The EU Is The Largest Market For Kangaroo Meat and Skins; Citizens Are Now Calling For A Ban On Imports from World Animal News

Homeless people ‘should be allowed to stay with their dogs’ from BBC News

Once Numbering Less Than 400, Majestic Bukhara Deer Return To The Wilds Of Kazakhstan from Good News Network

Caribou migrate farther than any other known land animal from ScienceNews

Pushy pig steals spotlight during live TV broadcast from BBC News

Meet Bear, The Dog Trained To Save Injured Koalas From Wildfires In Australia from Independent

3 Cows Swept Out to Sea by Hurricane Dorian Are Found Alive from The New York Times

Florida school finds alternative for frog dissections from Alternative Press

Are ‘dog years’ for real? An explanation of calculating canine age from

Dying Coral Reef ‘Could Be Revived’ By Playing Sounds of Healthy Coral Reefs from Nature World News

Thank you Erik Hoffner for sharing news with us.

Photo credit to Ursula Krapf from Unsplash


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