Mice Octopuses Eagles Dogs Crows and Veganism

Hannah:  Hello, all!  We hope your week is off to a great start. This week we are giving you a double feature, meaning double the news.  Jenna, have any news to start us off?

Jenna:  Of course.  World Animal News published an article promoting an amazing program that will donate $1 to the SiSu Animal Refuge and Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue for every person who signs up on their website to go vegan in January.  The program is being run by the organization, Million Dollar Vegan.  In addition to donating, Million Dollar Vegan will provide those who sign up with recipes, a vegan guide, and newsletters for each day in January.  Those wishing to participate can click here to learn more and sign up. 

Hannah:  What an incredible way to learn how to incorporate veganism into your diet and, at the same time, support charities.  On the same topic of veganism, I read about a dairy farmer who witnessed first-hand the distress of dairy cows and, as a result, was inspired to adopt a vegan diet.  The dairy farmer, Jessica Strathdee, was heartbroken after watching baby calves being ripped away from mother cows to provide dairy products. The article summarizes the upsetting early lives of calves from dairy farms and highlights why Ms. Strathdee quit the dairy industry, became vegan, and now advocates for animals.  

Jenna:  That article definitely gives some good reasons everyone should sign up with Million Dollar Vegan to go vegan for January (and hopefully longer).  Some other great resources for eating with an animal-friendly diet can be found on Fanimal’s ‘Eat’ webpage.

Hannah: The more resources the better.  The holidays are upon us, as we wrap up this year and head into 2020.  Food, exciting festivities, loved ones, travel and did we mention food?  In a matter of time, the celebratory seasons can become overwhelming and distracting, so I want to highlight a couple of articles to keep our furry friends in mind and safe.

Jenna: It’s true, life can be quite the blur during this time of year.

Hannah: A seven year old Labrador got ahold of its owner’s homemade gingerbread treats, meant to be used as Christmas tree ornaments for friends.  The treats were stowed in bags on the counter, in what the owner thought was out of reach from her pup. Unfortunately, the dog was able to access and devour them. This resulted in an emergency trip to the vet and two life-saving surgeries.  Over 30 ribbons were removed from the dog, who is now on cage rest. Public donations were made to help financially support the surgeries and survival.

Jenna: What a frightening time for the owner and her fur baby.  I am truly moved that other animal lovers stepped in to help financially.  We can use this as a reminder to take extra precautions when storing our tasty goodies and gifts this season. 

Hannah: And while it is the season of giving and our companion animals have mastered their puppy eyes, there are certain Christmas foods that we must resist slipping as treats.  Both dark meat and cooked bones have made this list. Check out the rest here.

Jenna: We hope you all enjoyed this week’s double feature.

Animals in the news this week:

Why The Government Breeds And Releases Billions Of Flies A Year from National Geographic

The Hidden World Of Cute Damselflies Enchanted This Photographer from National Geographic

Thought Extinct For 30 Years, The Starry Night Toad Is Rediscovered from National Geographic 

Isle of Wight rescued tiger, Simi, dies of circus injuries from BBC News

Octopus and eagle square off at Canadian fish farm from BBC News

Harvest mice found thriving 15 years after reintroduction efforts from The Guardian

CCTV captures dramatic moment man saves dog after leash caught in elevator from The Guardian

Donald Trump Jr killed rare endangered sheep in Mongolia with special permit from The Guardian

Mystery as hundreds of starlings found dead on road in Anglesey from The Guardian

Shelter Believes Dogs Deserve the Spirit of Christmas, Too–Watch the Excitement as Santa Brings Bag Full of Goodies from The Good News Network

Stolen pit bull to make cross-country trip back home from ABC News

Federal Court blocks ‘Veggie Burger’ Censorship Law from The Good Food Institute 

Dairy farmer-turned-vegan quit industry after becoming suicidal from Stuff

Revealed: Government officials say permits for mega-plantation in Papua were falsified from Mongabay

Fish Welfare In Research from Faunalytics

Breaking! Veggie Grill, The Largest Plant-Based Premium Fast-Casual Restaurant Chain Opens First NYC Location from World Animal News

Breaking! Million Dollar Vegan Pledges $1 To Charities For Every Person Why Goes Vegan This January & Helps ‘Make America Healthy Again’ from World Animal News

Corgi Helps Brother Unwind By Taking His Socks Off Every Day from The Dodo

How Agtech Has Changed The Past Decade Of Animal Welfare from Forbes

Crows could be the smartest animal other than primates from BBC Future

Final Appropriations Bill Contain Groundbreaking New Protections for Animals! from ASPCA 

Examining how primates make vowel sounds pushes timeline for speech evolution back by 27 million years from Phys.org

Orcas and their grandmothers from PRI

Why Zimbabwe’s female rangers are better at stopping poaching from National Geographic

This Indian community welcomes leopards from National Geographic

Tropical forests’ lost decade: the 2010s from Mongabay

Donor Segmentation: The People Who Donate To Non-Companion Animals from Faunalytics

Louisiana sues California over alligator ban from NBC News 

Charities rescue thousands of underweight hedgehogs from BBC News

The Christmas Foods You Should Not Feed Your Pets At The Dinner Table from Independent 

Dogs process numerical quantities in similar brain region as humans from ScienceDaily

Changing Seas Bring ‘Turtle Stranding Season’ to Cape Cod from The New York Times

Ocean acidification could degrade sharks’ tough skin from Science News

Plan to save sea turtles from shrimp boats scaled way back from Associated Press

Cat Decides To Take On Life As A Hat from The Dodo

The humming of Christmas beetles was once a sign of the season. Where have they gone? from The Guardian

The jaguars fishing in the sea to survive from The Guardian

Bionic cat Vito becomes ‘superstar’ with his prosthetic legs from BBC News

Leatherback turtle ‘alive when stranded’ in Essex from BBC News

Dog’s dinner: labrador has emergency surgery after eating 30 Christmas decorations from The Guardian

Over 400 Animals That Were Rescued From Deplorable Conditions At Cricket Hollow Zoo In Iowa Find New Homes from World Animal News

Elephant Rides Are Among Unacceptable Practices In The Association Of British Travel Agents’ Newest Edition Of Animal Welfare Guidelines from World Animal News

Eve The Rescued Bear With Severe Mange Arrives At Her New Permanent Home At The Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch In Texas from World Animal News

Commonly Resilient Species Are No Longer Immune to Environmental Crisis from Nature World News

Thank you to Karen Dawn of DawnWatch for being an excellent source for articles!  Also, thank you to Alex Samsel for sending in articles.  If you see anything you want us to include in Creature Feature News, please send it our way hello@fanimal.co.

Photo by Jeahn Laffitte on Unsplash.




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