Horses Wetlands Water Buffalo Grasshoppers and New Years Eve

Hannah: Hello Fanimals! Jenna and I present to you the last Creature Feature of 2019.

Jenna: That’s exactly right!  I’ll start us off by reviewing a helpful article for the upcoming New Years Eve holiday.  Many of us pet owners know that New Years can be an extremely stressful time.  Pets can become panic stricken when booming fireworks loom in the area. Of course, during this time, it is important to keep your pets indoors to prevent them from running off and getting lost after becoming scared.  

Hannah: That’s always a good idea.  My pet still get extremely nervous indoors though.  What are some other ways I can try to relieve their stress?

Jenna: The article also suggests playing soothing music and creating a secure area inside of your home for your pets.  You can use pillows or blankets to make a “cubby” for your pets to stay in and feel safer. While celebrating the beginning of the new year is exciting and fun, comforting your stressed pets is important to ensure they are as safe and content as possible. 

Hannah: Great point! My favorite article this week features the amazing work of Mother Nature as well as active biologists and conservationists.  Since 1900, the wetlands have suffered a 64% decrease in existence. Man made dams are a culprit of this destruction, parching these once functioning ecosystems.  Thanks to initiatives geared toward wetland restoration, Ukraine’s portion of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve has seen a wealth of growth in just a matter of weeks since active dam demolition has taken place.

Jenna: I had never considered the offset of dams.  What kind of growth has Ukraine seen so far?

Hannah: Already, Ukraine’s lows lands are being reflooded, otters are claiming new territory and shallow waters are forming as new breeding grounds and nests for both fish and birds, many of which are endangered.  But the progress of Ukraine’s wetlands doesn’t stop there. 

Taking place on the island of Ermakov, another project is underway for wetland restoration in Ukraine.  Here, biologists are studying the introduction of large herbivores (i.e. kulan donkeys and water buffalo) and how they can play a beneficial role in the enhancement as well as regulation of wetland ecosystems.  With all of that being said, living in a wet environment can be a challenge for people who are not used to it, so learning from others who live in these conditions is going to be the smartest tactic.

Jenna: Great article find, Hannah. See you next year, Fanimals!

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Photo by Henrik Hansen on Unsplash

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