Pigs Seals Puffins Koalas Kangaroos and Ants

Jenna: Welcome back, Fanimals!  Hannah, are you excited to dive into the first Creature Feature News edition of the decade? 

Hannah: I sure am.  Sunday, January 5, was also National Bird Day, so it only feels right to start off with a bird story. This week, I loved learning that puffins use tools. In particular, puffins were seen using sticks to scratch their feathers. Annette Fayet, a researcher, suspects that puffins might use sticks to remove ticks from their feathers, as well. 

Jenna: That’s impressive. I have been heartbroken recently hearing about the wildfires in Australia. Hundreds of homes have been lost and millions – yes, millions – of animals have died in the fires. While it is very difficult to stay positive after hearing this news, this article outlines ways we can all help. 

Hannah: As the article highlights, donations to organizations assisting with these devastating circumstances play a significant role in their life saving efforts. This other  piece highlights the aftermath of the unforgiving fires that have left countless kangaroos, koalas, bats, possums, and sugar gliders, to name a few, orphaned and hurt. Volunteers across the world have stepped in by creating and donating hand-stitched products like pouches and mittens.

Jenna: I saw that. The mittens are used for the burnt paws of koalas, while the pouches are geared toward marsupials who no longer have a pouch to reside in and grow, i.e. kangaroos, possums, and wombats.

Hannah: At this time, the group has received sufficient mittens for koalas, and are in need of pouches. 

Jenna: We will have more to report next week. Thank you for joining us!

Animals in the news this week:

What’s The Difference Between A Poisonous And Venomous Animal? from National Geographic

Flying Foxes Are Dying En Masse In Australia’s Extreme Heat from National Geographic

All bark, no bite: Some CBD pet products contain ‘virtually no CBD’ from NBC News

At least 20 llamas missing from California exotic animal farm after burglary from NBC News

German zoo fire kills over 30 animals, including apes, monkeys and bats from NBC News

Australia: More than 10,000 camels to be shot because they drink too much water from The Independent

Kangaroo pouches, koala mittens: knitters unite to aid animals in Australia fires from The Guardian

New Zealand rodeo season opens amid fresh animal rights protests from The Guardian

Pet snake cut free after getting trapped under car’s gearstick from The Guardian

Woman Who Visited and Fed Chained-Up Dog for a Year Finally Gets to Adopt it From Neighbor’s Yard from The Good News Network

Girl Had Only Been Volunteering at Pet Shelter for Two Days When She Was Reunited With Lost Cat From Childhood from The Good News Network

Why Did One-Quarter of the World’s Pigs Die in a Year? from The New York Times

Ethical veganism is philosophical belief, tribunal rules from BBC News

Seal pup found 15 miles away from sea from BBC News

Ireland: The Land of Meat, Dairy, And… Vegans? from Faunalytics

Illegal tin mining leaves trail of ruin in protected Brazilian rainforest from Mongabay

Logging is corrupting these islands. One village fights back—and wins. from National Geographic

How To Help Animals In The Australian Wildfires from Bustle

The Irwin family has saved over 90,000, including many injured in the Australian wildfires from CNN

Selfie-taking tourists are putting endangered species at risk with poachers, experts say from ABC News

Slippery salvation: Could seaweed as cow feed help climate? from ABC News

Stick-toting puffins offer the first evidence of tool use in seabirds from Science News

Washington Uplifts Ban on Pitbull from Nature World News

Here’s How Ants Walk Backward to Find Home from Nature World News

Starry eyes on the reef: Color-changing brittle stars can see from Phy.org

Thank you to Julie Tanner and Bob Fischer for sending in stories!

Photo credit to Ray Hennessy from Unsplash 


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