Tortoises Wildfires Cows Wolves and Orangutans

Jenna: Another week, another supply of animal stories!

Hannah: Before we head into our animal stories, I would like to encourage our readers to check out our partner Piedmont Farm Refuge and their current fundraising efforts to build a home for rescued cows. With a heavy focus on animal-centered designs, a lot of work and funds go on behind the scenes to supply the rescued farm animals with a welcoming sanctuary. We encourage all of our Fanimals out there to take part in this fundraiser to help bring the cows home.

Jenna: Even a small contribution makes a difference. Moving on to animals in the news this week, California’s governor took a stand against animal euthaniasia practiced in shelters. Governor Gavin Newsom allocated $50 million dollars in the 2020-2021 budget plan to the UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program. This will give California shelters the adequate resources and training they need to meet their goal of no-kill shelters across the board in the next 5 years.

Hannah: The article states that over 100,000 animals are killed annually in shelters.  Fortunately, the $50 million will go towards saving so many of those animals. I hope more states follow California’s lead and commit to saving more animals in shelters.  As Fanimal’s first cycle of the Learn, Earn, and Return Program (LER) wraps up soon, I wanted to highlight other organizations in the recent news working to support young people beginning careers in animal welfare. The Orang Utan Republik Foundation and The Orangutan Project are working together to supply scholarships to local Indonesian students planning to work in animal-related fields.  

Jenna: Some graduated students who have previously earned the scholarship currently work in orangutan conservation.  The article provides links for anyone interested in supporting the scholarship program. 

Hannah: I love hearing about organizations supporting a new generation of animal advocates, just like LER . Join us next week for more animal news, and if you are interested in learning more about Fanimal’s Learn, Earn, and Return Program which helps early and mid-career individuals explore animal-focused careers, email us here.  We’d love to hear from you!

Animals in the news:

Giant tortoise who helped save species retires in Galapagos Islands from NBC News from NBC News

Horse rescue: Couple’s sanctuary on the Gower from BBC News

Southampton Airport use therapy dogs for nervous flyers from BBC News

Dog owners warned of deadly hemlock plant on beaches from BBC News

Taal: Rescuing animals from a Philippine volcano from BBC News

Scottish tests of ‘whale-friendly’ fishing creels from BBC News

Cows talk to each about how they feel, study finds from The Independent

Scientists unexpectedly witness wolf puppies play fetch from Science Daily

Breaking! Florida Couple Novita Indah & Larry Malugin Plead Guilty To Trafficking 3,100 Parts Of Endangered Indonesian Wildlife Using eBay from World Animal News

Snoop Dogg-Inspired Beyond Sausage Sandwich On A Glazed Donut Available At Dunkin’ Locations Throughout The U.S. Until January 19th from World Animal News

Breaking! California Governor Gavin Newsom Allocates $50 Million Dollars To End Euthanasia In Animal Shelters Throughout The State from World Animal News

Orang Utan Republik Foundation Launches Student Scholarship Program To Educate Indonesian Youth To Save Critically Endangered Orangutans from World Animal News

New Zealand’s drought and record-breaking hot summers putting kiwi birds at risk from The Guardian

Fast food giants still ‘failing’ on chicken welfare, says report from The Guardian

Tanzania to relocate 36 Serengeti lions after attacks on humans and cattle from The Guardian

The adorable pangolin is the most-trafficked animal in the world from New York Post

States Recycle Christmas Trees for Fish Habitats from U.S. News

Group petitions Amazon to stop selling trap that hurts bears from Associated Press

A national park takes shape in Argentina as the forest disappears from Mongabay

The SMART Way Of Avoiding Human-Coyote Conflicts from Faunalytics

More Than Just Animals from Faunalytics

Thank you to Dana Clark and John Delconte for sending us articles!

Photo credits to Dimitry B from Unsplash

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