Iguanas Tigers Deer and Emotional Support Animals

Hannah: Hello, animal lovers!  We are happy you have returned for another weekly dose of animals in the news. In response to low temperatures, South Florida sent out a warning to alert residents about iguanas falling from the trees.  If the weather drops to 40F (4.5C) or below, iguanas are face the possibility of freezing. The unseasonable temperature drop left iguanas across southern Florida physically stunned. Unable to move due to their frozen state, many of these reptiles fell from trees onto sidewalks and yards. These motionless iguanas appeared dead, but as the sun came out and warmed up their frozen bodies the sluggish iguanas gained control of their body.

Jenna: I’m glad Florida warned its residents.  I would be pretty concerned to walk out my front door and see scattered, lifeless iguanas in my yard.  I was happy to read that Starbucks plans to become resource-positive with a 30-year plan.  This means the company will give back more than it will use from the environment.  One main focus in this plan is offering more vegan drink options.  

Hannah: I sure do love almond milk in my coffee.  Starbucks also listed some other impressive goals, like a 50% decrease in the amount of waste its stores and manufacturers produce.  One way to support this goal is to ditch single-use coffee cups.  

Jenna: I’m happy to hear about their efforts to become more sustainable.  I’ll end this week’s news review by applauding a pet owner who wrapped her pup in her own winter jacket when she had to briefly leave the pup outside while she went into the post office.  The pooch looked much more comfortable with the jacket zipped around him.  

Hannah: What a great reminder that pets need to be protected from the harsh weather.  It is so important to keep pets safe and warm indoors during these frigid winter months.  

Jenna: See you next week, Fanimals! 

Animals in the news this week:

What’s the price for mistreating captive tigers? From National Geographic 

Stray dogs have the natural ability to understand human gestures from National Geographic 

Airlines could refuse emotional support animals under proposed rule from USA Today

Alliance Of Scientists Issues 6-Step Call To Combatting Climate Change from Faunalytics 

Liberia expands a key elephant park again, this time with help of locals from Mongabay

Las Vegas bird rescuer still searching for pigeons wearing cowboy hats from NBC News

Friends Of Animals Calls On The State Of New York To Ban Trophy Imports Of Endangered Species from World Animal News

Breaking! Starbucks Announces 30-Year Commitment To ‘Go Green’ By Offering More Plant-Based Options from World Animal News

The Freshwater Giants Are Dying from The New York Times

The color of your clothing can impact wildlife from Science News

Woman Sheds Coat Off Her Back To Shivering Dog Tied To Tree from Shareably

Watch: Deer submerged in swimming pool rescued by Kentucky police officer from NBC News

Animal sanctuary in Rickmansworth provides perfect ‘therapy’ from BBC News

Glasgow homeless shelter to allow dogs to stay with owners from BBC News

The tiger ‘gift’ that horrified Polish rescuers from BBC News

‘Floating feedlots’: animals spending weeks at sea on ships not fit for purpose from The Guardian

Calls for global ban on wild animal markets amid coronavirus outbreak from The Guardian

Out cold: unseasonal temperatures litter south Florida with stunned iguanas from The Guardian

Breaking! Colorado Parks & Wildlife Confirms First Gray Wolf Pack Sighting In The State Since 1930’s from World Animal News

Florida Brewery puts shelter dogs on its beer cans in help get them a forever home from It’s A Southern Thing

Live export: animals at risk in giant global industry from The Guardian 

Court Rules Kansas Ag-Gag Law Unconstitutional from Animal Legal Defense Fund

Photo by Mason Jones on Unsplash

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