Badgers Fireflies Pelicans and Mantas

Hannah: Hello, Jenna and Fanimal friends! This week, we have a double-feature for you. I have got to know; have you seen the video of the coyote and badger duo that has gone viral? This short clip captures a coyote and badger traveling together through a tunnel underneath a road.

Jenna: Hannah, you do realize that those are two different species, right?

Hannah: Yes, that is what caught my attention too. Believe it or not, different species often work together to benefit each other, generally through cooperative hunting. What baffled scientists and viewers alike was the relaxed and friendly behavior they both portrayed as they made their way through the culvert. It is quite a sight to see. 

Jenna: I have some great news that is 10 years in the making. The Queen Bess Island in Louisiana will finally become a viable nesting ground for brown pelicans again after the BP oil spill of 2010. The area has also been established as a state wildlife refuge after losing two-thirds of the breeding ground from the oil spill. In the past 10 years, Louisiana’s brown pelican population has been greatly diminished. Only about 10 brown pelican colonies are left in the state. This restoration project will help to bring brown pelicans back to Louisiana.

Hannah: Here’s another great story headed your way. The terribly inhumane traveling dolphin show of Indonesia will not receive another permit and will finally end. Dolphins performing in the show were kept in small containers for days during travel and were starved to encourage cooperation for fish treats only during performances. We can thank The Dolphin Project for ending this heartless circus. 

Jenna: See you all next week. In the meantime, be sure to check out Fanimal’s Facebook page this week as we celebrate National Wildlife Day on Saturday, February 22nd. 

Animals in the news:

Four rare mountain gorillas ‘die in Uganda lightning strike’ from BBC News

Bumblebees Are Going Extinct In A Time Of ‘Climate Chaos’ from National Geographic

Fireflies under threat from habitat loss, pesticides and light pollution from The Guardian

Cross-Eyed Cat’s Adorable Expression Has Helped to Raise Thousands of Dollars for Animal Charities from The Good News Network

Great News! South Africa Announces Decline In Number of Rhinos Lost To Poaching In 2019 from World Animal News

Breaking! Dolphin Project’s Hard Work Has Paid Off As Indonesia’s Traveling Dolphin Circus Show Has Been Shut Down from World Animal News

Bald eagle numbers soar to new heights in Wisconsin from ABC News

Why this coyote and badger ‘friendship’ has excited scientists from National Geographic

Grey seals discovered clapping underwater to communicate from ScienceDaily

Judge upholds Maryland ban on pet stores’ sale of cats, dogs from Associated Press

Group seeks endangered species listing for Alaska lake seals from Associated Press

WATCH | Shrinking pelican breeding grounds restored after BP oil spill from EuroNews

Music festival in Kenyan national park ruffles feathers from Mongabay

Lucky ducks: Once thought extinct, rare pochards take steps toward recovery from Mongabay

Celebrities Changing The Face Of Veganism from Faunalytics

Stop killing male chicks: We can save billions of animal lives from meeting a gruesome end from New York Daily News

State officials see merit in extra protections for Southern California mountain lions from Los Angeles Times

Illegal pangolin trade may have played a part in coronavirus outbreak from Mongabay

Private firms will pay soy farmers not to deforest Brazil’s Cerrado from Mongabay 

U.S industries are no longer liable for accidental bird deaths. At what cost? from National Geographic 

How did this rare pink manta get its color? from National Geographic 

The EU Wants To Tax Meat For The Climate from LiveKindly 

Photographer Captures Incredible Moment Wild Orangutan Offers Hand to Man in Snake-Infested Waters from Good News Network

113 animal species need “urgent” help after fires in Australia from CBS News

Denver City Council votes to repeal 30-year-old ban on pit bulls from NBC News

Coronavirus: Volunteers rush to help pets trapped in locked-down Wuhan from NBC News

California Bill To Require Pet Microchipping Aims To Reduce Number Of Animals Euthanized In Shelters Throughout The State from World Animal News

Animal Protection Groups Sue US Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue & USDA Over Failure To Protect Sick & Injured Pigs from World Animal News

Bees Work Together To Open Container Of Stolen Honey from The Dodo

Little Brown Dog is overjoyed by astronaut’s return home from NBC News

Two dolphins with fatal injuries found off Florida coast from NBC News

New species of flies found in Lochaber forest from BBC News

Kangaroo Island: Tree climber helps save koalas from BBC News

Superdrug badger was ‘sheltering from Storm Ciara’ from BBC News

Positive News As Rescue Teams In Indonesia Save A Critically Endangered Baby Slow Loris In West Java from World Animal News

Disappearing snakes and the biodiversity crisis from Science Daily

Sixteen more snakes dumped in pillowcases in Sunderland from The Guardian

Beavers cut flooding and pollution and boost wildlife populations from The Guardian

Photo by Vincent van Zalinge on Unsplash


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