Bears Beavers Farm Animals and Robot Snakes

Hannah: Welcome back, Fanimals! 

Jenna: This week’s prevailing theme surely seems to be unlikely friendships. For starters, a pigeon and Chihuahua have become best buds after both being rescued by The Mia Foundation, which rescues disabled animals. The pigeon, Herman, has a permanent condition leaving him unable to fly, and the Chihuahua, Lundy, cannot use his back legs. Both Herman and Lundy love to cuddle with each other. The video and pictures are definitely worth checking out. 

Hannah: Going along with the same theme, a black coyote and dog were filmed peacefully hanging out outside in Georgia. The two animals have become friends over time. The Atlanta Coyote Project has brought the coyote to a sanctuary to live out a safe life. 

Jenna: Animal friendships are always exciting, especially when the friendships are cross-species. We can all learn from these animals how to see past our inevitable differences. 

Hannah: Speaking of differences, for the first time in 400 years, beavers are being reintroduced into Wales. Environmentalists and farmers have had different opinions as to what their reintroduction would mean to the area. Environmentalists see beavers coming to Wales as a way to combat floods and these flood-management efforts would benefit farmers since there would be less runoff.

Jenna: So, why are farmers not enthralled by the idea?

Hannah: Farmers are concerned about erosion and the effect beavers will have on the rivers whose trees keep them in place. There is also concern that there is no way from keeping their numbers low, since they have no predators on the Dyfi River in Powys. 

Jenna: That’s it for this week. Make sure to check more news from the links below!

This week’s animal news: 

Lab Animals Can Now Be Adopted Instead Of Euthanised, Fda Says from The Independent

Conservation: New protections for jaguar and Asian elephant from BBC News

Wales beaver reintroduction ‘could cut flash-flooding’ from BBC News

Tawny owl chick rescued in Aberdeen after being found by dog from BBC News

New Bill Introduced In California Aims To Increase Protection For Race Horses Throughout The State from World Animal News

Breaking! Los Angeles City Council Votes To Ban The Use Of Exotic Animals For Entertainment At Private Events & Parties from World Animal News

Breaking! Hawaii Department Of Agriculture Commits To New Rules Protecting Farm Animals Transported By Sea After The Deaths Of 21 Pregnant Cows from World Animal News

Plant-Based Event Menus Can Save Up To 10 Tons Of Climate Pollution According To A New Report from World Animal News

Breaking! New Legislation Is Introduced To Protect Animals During Emergency Evacuations & Wildfires In California from World Animal News

To Prevent Next Coronavirus, Stop the Wildlife Trade, Conservationists Say from The New York Times

Scientists build robot snake that could help in disaster response from The Guardian

Ursus urbinus: ‘elderly’ 400lb bear spotted roaming Los Angeles suburb from The Guardian

New Smithsonian Study Links Declines in Suburban Backyard Birds to Presence of Nonnative Plants from Smithsonian’s National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute

Plant-Based Diets and Regenerative Ag Have Sparked a Pea and Lentil Renaissance from Civil Eats

Rare baby Chinese pangolin born to rescued mom makes surprise debut at Vietnam sanctuary [VIDEO] from Mongabay 

‘What’s going on here?’ Outrage over Miami’s euthanized coyote sparks policy review from Miami Herald

Watch a black coyote and dog form a rare friendship from CNN

Fears About Coronavirus, in the U.S. and Abroad from The New York Times

A Cave-Dwelling Salamander Didn’t Move for Seven Years from Smithsonian Magazine

Pigeon That Can’t Fly Forms Inseparable Bond With Adorable Chihuahua That Can’t Walk from Good News Network

Thank you to Karen Dawn of DawnWatch for being a great resource for animal news. Also, thank you to John Delconte for sending in articles!

Photo by Ben Amaral on Unsplash

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