Donkeys Leopards Cheetahs and Hermit Crabs

Hannah: We’re jumping into March with another round of animal news. 

Jenna: An entrepreneurial duo from Mexico, named Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez, have created a vegan leather from cactus for their company, Desserto. The creators have been nominated for the German Green Product Award 2020. Velarde and Cázarez have created an amazing, more sustainable alternative product to animal-sourced leather. Check out their products and work here. 

Hannah: A sweet shelter pup up for adoption named Burreaux has gone viral after a video of him smiling at visitors and volunteers was released. When greeted with higher pitched affirmations, Burreaux cannot hold back a smile. This video is melting the hearts of viewers, including me! It is a must see.

Jenna: Lastly, to kick off our 2020 fundraiser, we are recreating our inaugural “I am a Fanimal” video montages. We want to hear from you! Show us your Fanimal love by sending us a short clip of you saying “I am a Fanimal!” Check out our first, second, and third montages from 2018 for inspiration. Videos can be submitted through email as a link or an attachment to Entries are due March 14th, and we will release the final product in April. We look forward to seeing your clip!

Hannah: That wraps things up for this week. Thanks for joining us!

This week’s animal news: 

The world wants to eat more octopus. Is farming them ethical? from National Geographic 

New York City has a turtle problem from National Geographic 

Breaking! Kenya Bans The Slaughter & Export Of Donkeys For Their Skins; Saving The Lives Of Up To 1,000 Animals Per Day from World Animal News

Sea Shepherd Helps To Save Humpback Whale Entangled In Illegal Gillnet In Vaquita Refuge In Mexico’s Upper Gulf of California from World Animal News

The Leopard Cub With the Lioness Mom from The New York Times

In Delaware, Dams Are Being Removed to Spur Fish Migration from The New York Times 

Puppy Sits In Shelter Smiling At Everyone Who Passes By from The Dodo

Researchers Design First-of-its-Kind Wearable Device That Can Monitor Animals’ Health Through Their Fur from Good News Network

Two Cheetah Cubs Born to Surrogate Mother in World’s First Successful IVF Operation to Save the Big Cats from Good News Network

Plastic trash kills half a million hermit crabs on remote islands each year from Mongabay

The Wildlife Trade & Disease Spread from Faunalytics

Mexican Vegan Cactus Leather Nominated for German Eco Award from VegNews

Mcdonald’s Just Launched a Vegan Strawberry McFlurry from LiveKindly

Red pandas are actually two separate species, study finds from The Guardian

Sydney baboon escape: the questions that remain from The Guardian

Unique non-oxygen breathing animal discovered from Science Daily

Better Rat Control in Cities Starts by Changing Human Behavior from US News

Family’s horse found butchered in Florida in ‘horrific crime’ from NBC News

Glowing frogs and salamanders may be surprisingly common from Science News

Photo credit to Thomas Lipke on Unsplash


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