Wolves Orangutans Seals and Hand-washing

Jenna: Hello, all! We hope this week’s Creature Feature News finds you healthy and safe. AJ, why don’t we start with some good news today? 

AJ: Sure thing. Following up on wolf population restoration and conservation efforts, the wild Mexican gray wolf’s population has increased by 24%. Included in that percentage are 12 captive born wolves that have been released and are ready to take on the wild. Explained in this article from World Animal News, for years the limited number of mates has impacted the genetic diversity. This addition to the wolf’s future gene pool is hoped to produce even healthier wolves.

Jenna: In other (good) news, since 2016, Canadians have shown a 113% increase in vegan Google searches. This is an inspiring statistic, as it hopefully indicates more people becoming concerned with sustainability and animal welfare. Find the article from LiveKindly here to read more. 

AJ: Despite its growing popularity, plant-based food can be harder to find than the less sustainable options. This leads many to bypass this healthy choice. This article by World Animal News sheds light on this issue! The PBFA (Plant Based Food Association) has partnered up with Dot foods to make plant-based food more accessible in North America. This is exciting news for those of us who like to eat out. Plant-based food companies now have the means for distribution to restaurants throughout the country.

Jenna: In the midst of the current pandemic, we wanted to call your attention to a simple way to help protect yourself and others: hand-washing! Even orangutans are doing their part to promote this healthy habit. This video from ABC News shows an Orangutan demonstrating how it washes its hands in Indonesia. Let’s be inspired by this orangutan and keep washing our hands. Stay safe and healthy, Fanimals!  

AJ: Now more than ever, our team wants to connect with the Fanimal community. Be sure to check out our Facebook page for videos from our team and posts from the community. Feel free to reach out; we’d love to hear from you!  

This week’s animal news: 

Mexican Gray Wolf Numbers Increase By 24% With 32 Additional Wolves Now Roaming Throughout Arizona & New Mexico from World Animal News

As The Demand For Plant-Based Food Soars, Dot Foods Partners With Plant Based Food Association To Make Healthy Food More Accessible In North America from World Animal News

Country diary: yellowhammers woo their mates with a local song from The Guardian 

Win for conservation as African black rhino numbers rise from The Guardian

Orangutan demonstrates hand-washing Video from ABC News

Video: Rockhopper penguins check out other exhibits in zoo from ABC News

Baby seal rescued from state park in Delaware from AP News

Bumblebees are Averse to Pumpkin Pollen: This may Help Cucurbit Plants to Thrive from Nature World News

Study finds that sea turtles might be eating plastic because it smells like food from Mongabay

Bringing Christ and coronavirus: Evangelicals to contact Amazon indigenous from Mongabay

Fostering a shelter animal during coronavirus and its benefits from Today

Urgent Call To Action! Help In Defense of Animals Stop Canada’s Horrific Seal Hunt! from World Animal News

Fake animal news abounds on social media as coronavirus upends life from National Geographic 

Geese May Not Inspire You, but They Certainly Take Your Mind off the Virus from The New York Times

Cat Learns To Brush His Teeth Every Morning Just Like His Mom from The Dodo

Canada Sees 113% Spike In Vegan Interest from LiveKindly 

Photo credit to Eva Blue on Unsplash

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