Bears Pelicans Puppies and Seals

Jenna: Hiya, Fanimals! We hope you are all staying safe and healthy these days. While we are all staying home, some cute puppies are taking advantage of an empty aquarium. 

AJ: Watch these curious animals wander around an aquarium with this video by FOX News. It is so heartwarming to see each puppy’s excitement as they get to meet all of the cool and exotic marine life. Another great activity to keep you entertained while practicing social distancing is this live cam from! These bears will keep you company during this chaotic time.

Jenna: Here’s some more good news headed your way. One great win for animal conservation is Colorado’s efforts on banning exotic animals in traveling circuses. The bill has been passed by the Senate. Learn more by reading this article by World Animal News! This is great news for anyone who appreciates animal rights and conservation. These animals are not objects and should be treated with respect, which is often overlooked by traveling circuses.

AJ: It has been a long uphill battle for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe fighting against the Dakota access pipeline. Their long awaited victory has finally come, explained in this article by World Animal News. The tribe pushed and pushed through endless research, risk analysis, and advocacy efforts, and all of their hard work finally paid off. This is one success story that reminds us how hard work and commitment can go a long way in fighting for what you believe in.

Jenna: I’ll end this week by highlighting a man named Naude who quickly has become one of my animal-rescuing heroes. This video from The Dodo shows some of his work and focuses on his rescuing of a pelican. In addition, the video shows Naude rescuing a seal, sea turtle, whale, and shark. 

AJ: See you next week with more news. 

This week’s animal news:

Pets are helping many of us keep it together during the coronavirus lockdowns from NBC News  

Puppies from Georgia animal shelter visit aquarium during coronavirus lockdown from Fox News

Emboldened wild animals venture into locked-down cities worldwide from The Guardian

Ending Wildlife Markets and Consumption from Wildaid

Colorado’s Ban On Exotic Animals In Traveling Circuses Recently Passed The Senate, Now Moves To The House Of Representatives from World Animal News

Victory! Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Prevails After A Four Year Battle To Stop The Dakota Access Pipeline from World Animal News

Breaking! ASPCA Launches $5 Million Dollar COVID-19 Relief & Recovery Initiative To Help Struggling Pet Owners & Animal Shelters from World Animal News

Plastic: How to Predict Threats to Animals in Oceans and Rivers from BBC

‘Landmark’ Study Lays Road Map for Exactly How We Can Restore Oceans to Former Glory in Just One Generation from Good News Network 

Seal Pup Found 15 Miles Away From North Sea Home Released from BBC

Livestream: watch rescued bears at Romania sanctuary from

Busch Offers 3 Months of Free Beer to Anyone Who Fosters a Dog During the Coronavirus Pandemic from People 

Biodiversity boon for Niue, the world’s first ‘dark sky nation’ from Mongabay 

Are animals vulnerable to COVID-19? from

Green sea turtles: Vulnerable animal’s hatching season draws to close from BBC

Dogs, at Least, Love Coronavirus Quarantine from The New York Times

Guy Lets Injured Pelican Use His Kids’ Pool Until She’s Released Into The Wild from The Dodo

Thank you to John Delconte for sending us articles. 

Photo credit to Priyan Solanki on Unsplash

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