Special Edition: Giraffes Manatees Whale Sharks and Sloths

Jenna: Welcome back, Fanimal friends. This week, we thought we would switch it up a little bit…

AJ: Let’s take a much needed break from the news and take some time to virtually hang out with some wildlife. I feel like I’ve made some new animal friends this week by watching so many live streams. My favorite has been the Blacktip Reef webcam from the National Aquarium in Maryland. I feel like I have built a pretty solid friendship with the blacktip reef sharks, if I do say so myself. It feels like they look forward to my daily greetings.

Jenna: Is that who I heard you talking to the last couple of days? Don’t worry; there’s no judgement here, because I’ve been talking to some baby hummingbirds through my computer screen, too. Bella Hummingbird is livestreaming a hummingbird nest and feeder, and both are absolutely addicting to watch. 

AJ: I’m not ashamed to admit it; I entirely resonate with the sloth on the webcam I’ve been watching from the Hattiesburg Zoo. The sloth and I both seem to have pretty similar schedules these days: sleep, eat, sleep, and more sleep. 

Jenna: Who hasn’t dreamed of following around giraffes and basking in their marvelousness? The Houston Zoo has made this possible with their giraffe webcam that allows users to control the direction and angles of the cameras. 

Aj: I wish I had as much energy as these sea otters from the UStream webcam. I would definitely get more tasks done around the house. The mesmerizing jellyfish webcam from Monterey Bay Aquarium also keeps me entertained for hours.

Jenna: If these webcams don’t already suit your fancy, don’t worry; we have way more for you. Explore has provided a livestream from a Wisconsin Pasture of cows, goats and alpacas. EarthCam is livestreaming manatees from a lagoon in Riviera Beach, Florida. The Smithsonian’s National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute allows you to watch the daily activities of giant pandas and lions via livestreams.

Aj: Still have extra time like us? Relax with these other amazing livestreams. You can observe eagles from Explore’s webcam and visit the massive elephants of the African Habitat from Elephants.com. Going on a virtual underwater adventure is also lots of fun with the Ocean Voyager webcam from the Georgia Aquarium and the webcam of the Honda Blue Cavern from Aquarium of the Pacific. 

Jenna: Hang in there, and let these animals keep you company during these stressful times. 

Animal Webcams:

Broadcasting Live from the National Aquarium from National Aquarium

Bella Hummingbird’s Live Webcam from Bella Hummingbird

Sloth Cam From Hattiesburg Zoo

Giraffe Feeding Platform from Houston Zoo

Sea Otters from Ustream

Jelly Cam from Monterey Bay Aquarium 

Farm Sanctuary Wisconsin Pasture from Explore

Manatee Cam from EarthCam

Giant Panda Cam from Smithsonian’s National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute

Lion Cam from National Zoo

Decorah North Eagles From Explore

African Habitat from Elephants.com

Ocean Voyager Webcam from Georgia Aquarium

Webcam: Honda Blue Cavern From Aquarium of The Pacific

Photo credit to Javier Mazzeo from Unsplash 

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