Dolphins Mountain Lions Llamas and Moon Bears 

AJ: Sassy dolphins, shy dolphins, courageous dolphins… all dolphins have vast personality differences just like humans. According to this article by Nature World News dolphins are a lot more tapped into their emotions than some of us. One cool thing I learned is they also give each other names; how intelligent! On the topic of sea mammals, this video by ABC gives you some perspective on how massive and powerful killer whales are.

Jenna: Last week, we learned about a San Antonio animal shelter that has seen a huge increase in their adoption demand. In the spirit of spreading positive news, here’s another accomplishment for the animal advocacy community: the investigation to protect mountain lions in California was approved. During the year-long investigation mountain lions will be protected and considered an endangered species until the investigation is complete. This is exciting because state agencies will have a legal responsibility to protect these animals, including providing safe ways for the animals to cross streets and halting the use of rat poison throughout their habitat. Read this article from World Animal News to learn more.

AJ: Everyone loves llamas. To promote social distancing, llamas from Sweet Farm sanctuary seemed to have figured out Zoom video calls. According to this article by CNN, you can invite a llama to your conference call. The hopes of Sweet Farm is that participants will get a great laugh and be made aware of animal advocacy issues in industrialized farming. Proceeds from the scheduled calls will go back to the sanctuary and the rescued animals. 

Jenna: As embarrassed as I am to admit it, I’ve had trouble remembering what day it is. I know I can’t possibly be alone in this, so I would like to make a reminder that Earth Day was April 22nd. This article from VegNews lists some ways we can reduce our food waste for the holiday and beyond. Composting, saving leftovers, and planning before shopping trips are just some tips.

AJ: These are all great ideas, but I’m not so sure I’ll be having many leftovers if I make this 3-ingredient strawberry “nice” cream from Fanimal’s April content. I’ll probably sit down with a spoon and happily eat it entirely. See you all next week!  

Animals in the news this week: 

Victory! Because Of Thousands Who Spoke Up, Commission Votes 5-0 To Protect Mountain Lions Under California’s Endangered Species Act from World Animal News

Dog Can’t Stop Smiling When He’s Riding His Favorite Horse from The Dodo

Be a citizen scientist: track plastic waste, spot a spider monkey or beat coronavirus from The Guardian

Fruity and irresistible: male lemurs’ wrist scent seduces females from The Guardian

Wildlife Collapse From Climate Change Is Predicted to Hit Suddenly and Sooner from The New York Times

Dogs and horses mimic each other during play, study finds from ABC News

Video: Killer whale spotted in New Zealand from ABC News

Wild Dolphins Apparently Have a Range of Personalities from Nature World News

This farm sanctuary will let you invite a llama or goat to your next video meeting from CNN

Pets are helping many of us keep it together from NBC News

ENDANGERED SPECIES: Monarch butterfly gets protection in ‘historic’ deal from E&E News

Police Officer Leads Duck Chicks Through Houston Park from The Daily Breaking News

COVID-19 & Animals: Cutting Through The Noise from Faunalytics 

On a mega reserve in Laos, rescued moon bears find a new home from Mongabay

For the First Time in 240 Years, White-Tailed Eagles Spotted Flying Over England from Good News Network 

This May Be The Longest Animal On Earth – And You’ve Probably Never Heard Of It from Forbes

Nonprofit animal rescue seeking names of essential workers to name their dogs from News Channel 11 WJHL

10 Tips to Fight Food Waste For Earth Day (and Every Day) from VegNews

Thank you to Jim Cummings for sending us articles.

Photo credit to Kyaw Tun from Unsplash

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