Leatherback Turtles Eagles Crocodiles and Storks

Jenna: This week, I have become a huge fan of an impressive rhino-protecting bird. This article from Good News Network has taught me about the amazing relationship between red-billed oxpeckers and rhinos.  Even the oxpeckers’ name in Swahili is impressive –  it means “rhino’s guard.” A researcher, Roan Plotz, found that oxpeckers used a hissing sound to alert rhinos of nearby humans. Plotz has proposed that these birds can be powerful tools for rhino conservation efforts working to stop poachers. 

AJ: Let’s keep the focus on another cool bird species. For those who have been lucky enough to see a bald eagle in person, you know how incredible these birds of prey are. Jenna and I once took a family boat ride through our local intracoastal waterway and were so excited to see one of these magnificent birds. Unfortunately, several factors have led to lower bald eagle population numbers, including pollution and loss of habitat. Luckily, Ohio’s bald eagle population has increased 151%, as highlighted in this article from Fox News. Hopefully this accomplishment inspires others to do their part in preserving our nation’s iconic flying friend. 

Jenna: Switching now from the air to the water, to most baby sea turtles, life is stressful. A lot can go wrong in those critical moments between hatching and making their way to the water. This article from Live Science explains how baby leatherback sea turtle’s success rates have increased as fewer people visit the beach. Additionally, there is currently less trash and human interference, meaning fewer obstacles for tiny turtles to have to overcome on their journey across the sand. 

AJ:  Speaking of fewer people on the beach, social distancing can be difficult, and our pets know that. They are doing their part to spread some inspirational positivity. This article from Independent features a helpful pup delivering food to an immunocompromised neighbor. Here is a piece from The Dodo that also shows the pure goodness of our furry family members. Hades, a dog living in Mexico, lovingly shared his doghouse with a cat giving birth to kittens. If that isn’t enough to make you smile, Hades has even taken a paternal role and guarded the new cat mom in his doghouse. Hades is certainly proving that dogs and cats aren’t always archenemies like in the cartoons. 

Jenna: Ok, so these aren’t cartoons, but I did want to announce some fun images from Fanimal… we’ve launched a brand new infographic series to provide education on ways we can all help animals by breaking harmful supply chains. Fittingly, the series is called “Break the Chain” and can be found here. Topics include fur farms, palm oil, and circus animals. We will be rolling out a new infographic every two weeks, so make sure you follow us to see each one!  We’d love to know what you think about these new infographics and about Creature Feature News on our Facebook page – send us a message or post a comment. See you next week, animal news fans!

Animals in the news this week:

Thailand’s tourist drought leaves space for shy sea mammal from NBC

Coronavirus: Dog delivers food to quarantined neighbour from Independent

Mexico Is One Step Closer To Banning Testing On Animals For Cosmetics; Help Passage Of Similar Bans In The US & Canada from World Animal News

Baby leatherback sea turtles thriving due to COVID-19 beach restrictions from Live Science

Sweet Pit Bull Invites Pregnant Stray Cat Into His House To Have Her Babies from The Dodo

First wild stork chicks to hatch in UK in centuries poised to emerge from The Guardian

Outbreak leads to fewer dead opossums, shower of squirrels from AP News

Ohio’s bald eagle population soaring, state officials say: ‘One of Ohio’s greatest wildlife success stories’ from Fox News

Prehistoric crocodiles were more like whales and dolphins, shocking study finds from Fox News

Despite Their Differences, Dogs and Horses Find Common Ground in Play from Smithsonian Magazine

Neighborhood Safari from National Geographic 

These Birds Have Been Found to Warn Rhinos of Poaching—And It Could Help Protect the Species from Good News Network

Chicago Bans Horse-Drawn Carriages Starting in 2021 from The New York Times

As wildlife tourism grounds to a halt, who will pay for the conservation of nature? from Mongabay

Target Launched Vegan Mayo Under the Good & Gather Label from LiveKindly

Vegan Food Sales to Grow to $300 Billion By 2025, Says Bank of America Report from LiveKindly

Thank you to John Delconte for sending us articles! 

Photo credit to Bharathi Kannan from Unsplash

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