Flamingos Hummingbirds Pollinators Koalas and Birdwatching

Jenna: Another week has flown by, and that means more animal news for you! LiveKindly recently shared that pollinators and trees in Curridabat, Costa Rica, have been given citizenship by the mayor. The citizenship will hopefully encourage the long-term protection of these important ecosystem counterparts. 

AJ: Further on tree-related stories, have you ever heard of the wacky ways koalas get enough water to live? These animals spend about 98% of their lives in trees, it is rare to see koalas on the ground, so their hydration methods have puzzled researchers for ages. This article from The Guardian explains how they lick the surfaces of trees during the rain. This behavior shows how creative koalas are to survive in their harsh environment. 

Jenna: Oddly enough, I never knew how much I needed to see a picture of a koala licking a tree until now. Check out the link AJ provided to also witness the cuteness. As we go about our daily routines, we might miss a lot of wildlife and nature right in our own local area. This piece from BBC reminds us of the ecosystem that surrounds us, from flowers to birds. Next time you are out on a jog or enjoying some fresh air, keep an eye out for some animal friends you may have missed before. I was able to spot a ginormous lizard sunbathing on a rock while on my walk the other day. While you’re out taking note of your backyard animals, maybe pick up a new hobby: birdwatching. The New York Times has provided a list of advice for beginner birdwatchers. Think bird watching is boring? That’s hawkward… It’s actually quite entertaining! 

AJ: Bird puns? Toucan play that game. Anyways, here’s a bird I wish I could see in my local area. Flamingos seem to be finding their way back to their favorite spot in this article from ABC. Less human traffic has led to many animals getting a break from the noises and interruptions. In Albina, there is a magical 10 square mile lagoon currently filled with flamingos. Flamingos prefer the peace and quiet found in this lagoon following the decline in visitors. It’s hoped that this break gives flamingos a chance to increase in numbers and allows us to come up with an alternative way for the lagoon to have visitors as well as maintain the flamingo population.

Jenna: A lagoon filled with flamingos sounds like absolute paradise. Our team wants to wish all of the Fanimal moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day. Animal moms can be pretty amazing, too. World Animal Protection is celebrating Mother’s Day by featuring extraordinary animal moms here. Some of the animals mentioned include bears, lions, and pigs. 

AJ: See you next week, animal fans! 

This week’s animal news: 

This Costa Rican City Has Granted Bees and Trees Citizenship from LiveKindly

New Legislation Introduced In New York Calls For Immediate Ban Of More Than 80 Live Animal Markets To Help Prevent The Spread Of Disease from World Animal News

Humane Society International Saves 70 Dogs From South Korean Dog Meat Farm & Helps Farmer Transition To Growing Vegetables Instead from World Animal News

Five natural beauties to see on your daily exercise from BBC

With fewer humans to fear, flamingos flock to Albania lagoon from ABC

Video: Majestic whale breach seen during fishing trip in Alaska from ABC

Watching This Hummingbird Mama With Her Newborns is Just What We Needed on Mother’s Day from Good News Network

Eats leaves, licks trees: how koalas get enough water to live from The Guardian

Finding sanctuary in photographing nature during lockdown | Environment from The Guardian

Incredible Moms: These Animals Are Some of the Best Moms on the Planet from World Animal Protection

Endangered pangolins for sale on Facebook amid potential link to coronavirus from Independent 

7 Tips for Watching Birds During the Spring Lockdown from The New York Times

Does Captive Insect Welfare Even Exist? From Faunalytics

What is a brown bear? Candid Animal Cam explores the lives of some of the largest bears in the world from Mongabay

These 6 Animal-Exploiting Events Have Been Cancelled Because of COVID-19 from VegNews

Picture credit to Peter Neumann from Unsplash 

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